EDG Worlds Diary: Day 20 Blog [Translation] “Defeat” (ft. Reactions and the Future)

EDG: Worlds Diary (Day 20) Original Post: http://www.weibo.com/p/1001603899256015558014 About the Author: Author: EDG Sam (?

A handful of pro Heroes of the Storm teams have recently made some noise about quitting the game

EDG: Worlds Diary (Day 20)

Original Post: http://www.weibo.com/p/1001603899256015558014

About the Author:

Author: EDG Sam (??)

Bio: Co-founder and Current Manager of Edward Gaming


Name: Kelvin

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Day 20: Defeat

I’ve already forgotten those feelings from a year ago when we were knocked out. In a blink of an eye it’s been 365 days and nights. Someone once asked me: What E-sports means to me? I wonder for the fans at the stadium or those of you watching on stream, when you saw the players step on stage to the voice of the announcer chanting our name, what were your emotions? When I heard them say: “Edward… Gaming! Top… Koro! Jungle Clearlove…” I couldn’t help but cheer for them. Deep inside I felt incredibly proud of my players. I suppose for me, E-sports is my passion, my commitment, and my dream.

Before the match, the media kept asking if I felt confident. I was aware that we were everyones last hope for the LPL and all the clubs in the Chinese region. We really wanted to advance to Berlin, but we failed to live up to your expectations! After all, this is E-sports. At the end of the day, if you aren’t strong enough, you will eventually lose. Next year, there’s always next year. However I wonder how many more “next year’s” there are for my players. The monotonous training and matches, year after year, day after day. How many of them can carry on?

When the match ended, nobody was willing to face the reality of defeat. The waiting room was silent. The dazed eyes of the players were fixated on the wall. Suddenly someone blurted: “Those who bought the EDG icons must hate us.” I quickly replied: “They won’t! They won’t! You’re overthinking it.” It’s just that nobody will probably buy it anymore or show it off in-game. Since we couldn’t perform and let you guys down. Honestly, I’ve had to reflect on myself as well. With E-sports becoming more and more professional, I realise that there are many areas where we weren’t professional enough and made mistakes. We failed to provide proper medical coverage or a proper backroom staff, resulting in our players being negatively affected by injuries. We were also lacking in terms of our daily practices as well as allowing for proper rest and recovery. By perhaps overworking our players, we ended up causing long-term injuries. Every big tournament this year, we saw that our players were always plagued with injuries. This is an area we have to improve on in the future.

I think that you guys are probably more interested in the players conditions. They’re probably still recovering from the defeat. The fact is that those emotions from the loss will take time to heal. Just like you guys, I wish that they can quickly recover and that we can fight again next year. I’m extremely thankful for those fans who stayed behind after our defeat to cheer for us. Thank you so much! The cold London breeze couldn’t extinguish your passion! We hope that we can offer more exciting matches for you guys in the future. However, today we were not good enough and let you guys down.

Along this three-week journey, I’m really thankful for everyones interest and support. I’m also grateful for those of you who commented and made suggestions to us. Words cannot describe the shame and guilt I’m feeling right now. Todays diary post will also be the final entry of our Worlds journey in Europe. In the end, we failed to draw a successful conclusion and will now have to leave with regrets. But I want to climb out of these ruins one more time. For the sake of our undying passion for E-sports, for the sake of proving that hard work pays off, and for the sake of proving EDG’s founding motto: “Dreams can become reality!” Even if our path is covered in thorns, even if we find ourselves battered and bruised, as long as we work hard our dreams will definitely come true!

Surrounded by soldiers, Veterans in battle, Passion still unextinguished, If we don’t defeat our enemies, Then we swear that we shall not return home (TL: A poem by Wang ChangLing?????). We won’t give up on our dreams and the belief in our hearts. In the coming year, let us fight once more!!!!