Dr Disrespect recalls falling out with Call of Duty dev team after Twitch ban

Dr Disrespect claims he has been shadow-banned by multiple past sponsors.

Screengrab via Dr Disrespect

Livestreaming sensation Dr Disrespect lashed out at the Call of Duty dev team for seemingly cutting him out and giving him “the cold shoulder” after his notorious Twitch ban in a now-deleted clip reposted by Full Squad Gaming.

In recent months, the FPS veteran and former Call of Duty level designer has been among Activision’s harshest critics. Taking a break from the franchise, specifically Call of Duty: Warzone, Dr Disrespect has been extremely underwhelmed by the studio’s Modern Warfare II reveal. But now, the Doc’s diatribe against the long-running series took a more personal turn.

“Listen, I just point out the obvious,” Dr Disrespect said. “When I got banned from the purple snake’s platform, they like secretly shadow-banned me and stopped talking to us and all that stuff.” Referring to his infamous Twitch ban, the reason for which is still unknown, the Doc said that relations with the studio have been frayed ever since.

The current YouTube streamer also cited the commericals, sponsored streams, and other related projects he had worked on with the Call of Duty team, making it all the worse when the company distanced itself from him.

“Design half the maps from Advance Warfare, like we’ve done with the franchise, right?” Dr Disrespect said. “For them to turn the cold shoulder like that, trust me, I took it personal.”

The developer turned content creator said that the fallout from his Twitch ban was not just limited to Call of Duty. He claims EA and other companies similarly shadow-banned him from sponsored or promoted content.