Double Trouble: LCK Week 6 Recap

In week six, LCK teams faced off against the same opponent twice in the same week.

Entering the second half of the spring split, week six of the LCK had teams face off against the same opponent twice in the same week. Surprisingly, the only pairing to split the two series this week was Longzhu Gaming and MVP.

But the most exciting part of week six was not the double matches. Unsurprisingly, the most hyped up part of the week was the telecom wars. Considered the two best teams in the world, this was the first time SK Telecom T1 and KT Rolster met on the rift since the start of the season. Not only would these two series possibly decide who the best team in the LCK was, but the best team in the world. To find out the result of the telecom wars, check out this week’s recap.

SKT Comes Out On Top

Image via INVEN Global

Displaying their ability to comeback from large deficits, SKT managed to take down the Korean “super-team” in their two separate series this week. Despite SKT taking both series, though, the games were extremely competitive, especially in the first series. KT pushed SKT to their limits, finding early leads in almost every single game. If you were to replace SKT with any other team in the league, KT would have won both series with ease. But with patience and the combined efforts of almost every member on their eight man roster, SKT was able to find and punish small mistakes, eventually leading them to victory.

For KT, these two series served as an eye opener. Since their amazing raw talent/mechanics overpowered most opponents, KT has gotten away with making small positional and macro mistakes. Against SKT, though, these mistakes were almost always punished. Without these small mistakes by KT, SKT never could have made those amazing comebacks in the first series. If KT wants to beat SKT and secure the title as the best team in the world, these mistakes will need to be eradicated. Unfortunately, the next chance we have of seeing another telecom war won’t be until the playoffs.

Weekly Results

Longzhu Gaming 2-1 MVP

Afreeca Freecs 2-0 Kongdoo Monster

ROX Tigers 2-0 Jin Air Green Wings

Samsung Galaxy 2-1 bbq Olivers

SK Telecom T1 2-1 KT Rolster

MVP 2-0 Longzhu Gaming

Samsung Galaxy 2-0 bbq Olivers

ROX Tigers 2-1 Jin Air Green Wings

SK Telecom T1 2-1 KT Rolster

Afreeca Freecs 2-1 Kongdoo Monster

Current Standings

1 – SK Telecom T1 (9-1)

2 – KT Rolster (7-3)

3 – Samsung Galaxy (7-3)

4 – MVP (6-4)

5 – Longzhu Gaming (6-4)

6 – Afreeca Freecs (5-5)

7 – bbq Olivers (4-6)

8 – ROX Tigers (4-6)

9 – Jin Air Green Wings (1-9)

10 – Kongdoo Monster (1-9)

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Article by Malcolm Abbas. Follow him on Twitter @SmashhLoL.