When will Apex Legends get crossplay?

Keep your eyes on the horizon.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

With games like Fortnite, Rocket League, PUBG, and Overwatch bridging the gap between players across different platforms, crossplay has become an industry standard. Apex Legends still has steps to take before players across all platforms can play with each other on a single server, however.

Shortly after the game launched earlier this year, Respawn Entertainment confirmed its future plans to integrate crossplay into the battle royale. But the developer failed to provide an exact date for when players can expect to play with their friends from other platforms.

As of now, Apex doesn’t support cross-platform play. But fans may be happy to know that the feature is coming to live servers soon. Today, fans finally got a time frame for when they’ll be able to play with friends on different platforms.

Respawn Entertainment revealed today during EA Play 2020 that Apex Legends is launching on the Nintendo Switch and will become available on Steam in the near future. Additionally, the developer said that players will be able to play with each other regardless of platform beginning in the fall of 2020.

Respawn revealed the news with the introduction of Apex‘s next event, Lost Treasures. The event will feature a new take on the Armed and Dangerous game mode, named Armed and Dangerous Evolved, featuring Evo shields. Similarly, the event will introduce a new batch of skins and a few new gameplay mechanics, such as mobile respawn beacons and a Mirage Heirloom weapon.