Does Apex Legends support crossplay?

Keep your eyes on the horizon.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

With games like Fortnite, Rocket League, PUBG, and Overwatch bridging the gap between players across different platforms, crossplay has become an industry standard. But Apex Legends still has steps to take before players across all platforms can play with each other on one server.

As of now, Apex doesn’t support cross-platform play, although new leaks have suggested the feature may become available in the future.

Shortly after the game launched earlier this year, Respawn Entertainment confirmed its future plans to integrate crossplay into the battle royale. But the developer failed to provide an exact date for when players can expect to play with their friends from other platforms.

Most recently, data miner That1MiningGuy unearthed files hidden in the game’s code that seem to suggest crossplay could be on the horizon. The files showed a software called “Nucleaus” that contained code for each of the current Apex platforms and the phrase “GetPINPlatformID,” which shows that Electronic Arts may be planning to standardize Player Identification on all platforms.

Leaks rarely come true overnight. And since the information of the potentially-imminent crossplay feature came in the form of a leak and not an official announcement from Respawn, Apex fans should take the leaks with a grain of salt.

Until we get more information from the Apex developer regarding the future of crossplay, fans can partake in the season three festivities when Meltdown launches across all platforms on Oct. 1.