DJ Esports partners with legendary League of Legends player Toyz

The first and only all-crypto esports betting platform is partnering with one of Asia’s top streamers to promote its growing brand.

Image via DJ Esports

This article is sponsored by DJ Esports

One of Asia’s top streamers and former professional League of Legends player Kurtis “Toyz” Lau Wai-Kin is joining forces with crypto-betting platform DJ Esports as part of a new partnership. 

Toyz, best known for his role as a key player on the LoL World Championships Season 2 winning Taipei Assassins will now headline DJ Esports’ streaming lineup in Asia, where it is quickly becoming one of the region’s premier crypto-based betting platforms, with its unique crypto-in, crypto-out transactions helping pave the way for the future of both crypto and esports.

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Over the last decade, esports has continued to expand, with dozens of globally recognized games, hundreds of teams, and hundreds of millions of dollars in prizing, with those numbers only increasing. As a whole, esports has shown no sign of slowing down, even after many competitions and events were canceled or postponed due to COVID-19. 

With that rapid growth and proven staying power, DJ Esports is capitalizing on the trend by bringing the world of esports in line with the expanding crypto market, while creating the first and only all-crypto esports betting platform. By using a platform exclusive, AI-driven analytics matrix and over a decade of esports results, DJ Esports offers unrivaled analysis of every match as it’s happening. This, combined with the security of crypto, provides the safest, fastest, and easiest way for players to get into the game they love.

By partnering with high-level esports personalities and streamers like Toyz, DJ Esports is hoping to prove that esports fans can have faith in the blockchain and in crypto as a long-term and stable platform.