Dicey’s Bottom Lane Rankings for Fantasy LCS Week 3

What bottom lanes are privy to have great weeks this week? Here are my thoughts.

Here are my fantasy rankings for bottom laners in week three of the LCS.

No. 1 – Sneaky and Smoothie (Cloud9 – NA LCS)

Last Week

  • Best Game: 62.41 and 45.21
  • First Two Games: 63.58 and 60.18

Projections For This Week

  • Best Game: 55-70 and 40-55
  • First Two Games: 65-80 and 50-65


These two are the most successful duo lane in the LCS currently, and they should be able to continue this form for weeks to come. I do not see Cloud9 slowing down anytime soon.

No. 2 – Rekkles and Jesiz (Fnatic – EU LCS)

Last Week

  • Best Game: 26.12 and 19.88
  • First Two Games: 32.46 and 15/71

Projections For This Week

  • Best Game: 50-70 and 35-50
  • First Two Games: 60-80 and 45-60


In my opinion, Fnatic will come into this week with a chip on their shoulders. They really want to come out and prove they are a top two team in EU right now, and I think they will. Both Rekkles and Jesiz have looked good in the small sample size of games, and they will continue to look good throughout the week as they take on Team ROCCAT and Misfits.

No. 3 – Arrow and Adrian (Phoenix1 – NA LCS)

Last Week

  • Best Game: 35.56 and 39.12
  • First Two Games: 68.10 and 68.01

Projections For This Week

  • Best Game: 50-65 and 30-45
  • First Two Games: 60-75 and 45-60


Phoenix1 looks like a top four team in the NA LCS right now, and this week they take on another top four team in Team SoloMid. If P1 are going to show dominance in a lane, it will likely be in the bot side against TSM, so I expect them to lean heavily on these two. Then against Immortals, P1 should run over them very easily. Immortals has shown too many holes, and their bot lane is not very strong.

No. 4 – Kobbe and Mikyx (Splyce – EU LCS)

Last Week

  • Best Game: 22.07 and 26.62
  • First Two Games: 30.21 and 34.90

Projections For This Week

  • Best Game: 40-55 and 40-55
  • First Two Games: 50-65 and 50-65


Splyce is an odd team in the sense that Mikyx often scores either on par with Kobbe, or a bit higher. Either way, Splyce looks to have a very strong week coming up as they take on Origen and Unicorns of Love.

The UoL series may be a bit rougher for Splyce, but I still see it going to a game three, and the Orgien series should be easy pickings.

No. 5 – Altec and LemonNation (FlyQuest – NA LCS)

Last Week

  • Best Game: 70.71 and 45.18
  • First Two Games: 97.52 and 68.49

Predictions For This Week

  • Best Game: 45-60 and 35-50
  • First Two Games: 55-70 and 50-65


FlyQuest’s bot lane had a monstrous week last week, but I expect them to fall back down to Earth this weekend. The team takes on Immortals and Dignitas, which may not seem like tough matchups, but stylistically they could prove to be hard to deal with. Both Immortals and Dignitas have their strongest players on the top side of the map, whereas FlyQuest’s weakest player is its top laner. If I was on the coaching staff for either of these teams, I would prioritize these matchups. If you are wondering how this might affect the bottom side of the map, it will lead to Flame/Dardoch and Ssumday/Chaser being quite a bit ahead. This would not bode well for an AD carry and his support, so Altec and LemonNation may be in for a rough week.

No. 6 – WildTurtle and Biofrost (Team SoloMid – NA LCS)

Last Week

  • Best Game: 50.65 and 52.57
  • First Two Games: 75.90 and 73.97

Predictions For This Week

  • Best Game: 40-55 and 40-55
  • First Two Games: 50-65 and 50-65


Like Kobbe and Mikyx, WildTurtle and Biofrost should score a similar amount of points this week. Yes, they both had quite strong weeks last week, but I think this will dip a bit when they take on P1. Like I said in Arrow/Adrian’s description, P1 will have the advantage on the bottom side of the map. I imagine Inori will even look to get his duo ahead early on P1, so TSM will more then likely be relying on their mid and top side to win this series. 

With CLG playing, you would normally expect Stixxay/Aphro to have the advantage, but so far this season CLG’s bot lane has not looked as solid, mainly due to Aphromoo’s struggles. TSM’s duo lane should be able to hold its own.

No. 7 – LOD and Xpecial (Team Dignitas – NA LCS)

Last Week*

  • Best Game: 32.76 and 28.39
  • First Two Games: 56 and 37.38

Predictions For This Week

  • Best Game: 40-55 and 30-45
  • First Two Games: 50-65 and 40-55


I do expect Dignitas to have a better showing this week than last, but it really is quite up in the air. Normally, more practice will equal better results, but that is not always the case in such a short amount of time.

In both matchups this week, I do not expect Dignitas’s bot lane to be at a disadvantage. They are very much on par with Altec/LemonNation and Aphromoo/Stixxay for the most part. I think in each series the focus will be more on the top side of the map, with both teams either winning or losing because of that rather than huge carry performances out of the bot lane.

No. 8 – Piglet and Matt (Team Liquid – NA LCS)

Last Week

  • Best Game: 38.84 and 22.64
  • First Two Games: 59.82 and 33.51

Predictions For This Week

  • Best Game: 35-50 and 30-45
  • First Two Games: 55-70 and 35-50


This bot lane has looked quite terrible when compared to how good it once was. Obviously Piglet is a former world champion and has shown dominance in NA before, while Matt has had periods of time where he has looked like a top five support in NA. This season has shown none of this.

Against Echo Fox, these two have a really good chance to showcase the talent they have. If they can not dominate the two-on-two against Keith and Gate, then it is time to start really thinking about replacing someone. The same can be said for their second series against Team EnVyUs. Both of these matchups should favor Piglet and Matt heavily, but with how poorly they have played lately, I can not rank them higher then they are. 

This duo lane is the most interesting pick for the week, as I could easily see them being the top scoring duo come the end of Sunday if they can play like the players they were supposed to be coming into the season. If you have Piglet or Matt and want to play them, do so with the thought that they could score big, but do not be surprised if they let you down like they have all season. 

FeelsMehMan Starts of The Week


Much like Liquid’s bot lane, these two have high ceilings. It also needs to be said that Stixxay himself has not looked too bad this season, it really has just been Aphromoo. Starting either of these two really does not quite “feelbad,” but it for sure does not feel great. 

Who is starting in your duo lane this week? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @GAMURScom.