Former LCK player weighs in on the intentional disconnect fiasco

SpoTV LCK caster Cpt Jack weighs in on the pro player disconnect drama affecting the LCK.

After multiple LCK teams intentionally disconnected at the end of professional games over the past few weeks, former LCK ADC and current SpoTV caster for League of Legends, Kang “Cpt Jack” Hyung-woo, is weighing in on the issue.

Longzhu Gaming, Samsung Galaxy, and Afreeca Freecs have all lost a series win on the leaderboard due to multiple cases of intentional disconnection, which goes against Riot’s rules, with many fans believing players are disconnecting out of anger or another emotion.

Cpt Jack took to Twitter to talk about player habits during scrims, and how these habits might be causing the intentional disconnects between professional teams—and the reasoning behind it is solid. Players will often disconnect intentionally before a game’s resolution so that Riot’s servers do not save the game on their profile, where anyone can find the file, download it, view it, then see the team’s strategies.

While Cpt Jack said he’s not looking to give players an excuse for disconnecting, they should know the difference between competitive matches and scrims. Scrims are matches played between pro teams behind closed doors to practice strategies while competitive matches are official matches that reflect the leaderboard.

With many fans putting the disconnects down to emotions, Cpt Jack says that “99 percent of the time it is not the case. They are mistakes, do not misunderstand what is going on.”