Sales of Conqueror Karma Skin will add money to MSI 2017 prize pool

Will the prize pool big bigger than Worlds 2016?

With the Mid-Season Invitational fast approaching, Riot is looking to increase the prize pool through the sales of one of it’s newest skins—Conqueror Karma.

The skin is one of many announced to be hitting the PBE later today along with the new champions Xayah and Rakan.

Riot broke the news on social media, revealing that sales of the new Karma skin will contribute to the prize pool in a similar way the World’s 2016 prize pool was increased through the sales of the Championship Zed skin.

Championship Zed’s skin raised just over $2 million for the international prize pool. Riot will surely be hoping that the Karma skin will contribute even more this year and break Zed’s record.

The Conqueror Karma skin will replace the annual Challenger Skin that usually comes out at this time of year.

Riot believed that the line of skins were causing some confusion with many players who didn’t realize the skins were connected to the esports events at all.