Cloud9 White goes head-to-head in Aim Lab Defenders Test

Which C9 White member took home first place?

Written in partnership with Aim Lab.

Cloud9’s all-female VALORANT team, C9 White, took the Aim Lab Defenders Test to see who has the best aim. They took part in four scenarios focused on target switching and the winner was decided by the highest average score

The first scenario was Defend the Castle. In it, targets roll up the hill toward the player. Yellow targets move in straight lines while red targets bounce. The goal was to not let any targets pass by.

Melanie “meL” Capone took first in this test with a score of 134,000. Katja “katsumi” Pfahnl and Annie Roberts weren’t far behind at 125,800 and 124,000, respectively. Alexis Guarrasi clocked in at 96,000, while Jasmine “Jazzyk1ns” Manankil had a rough run with a score of 61,600.

Next up was Defend the Roof. This scenario was similar to Defend the Castle in that targets move toward the player with the goal being to keep them at bay. But the targets here could come from inside a building or from over the roof of the building. The targets could also strafe from side to side in this scenario.

This time, alexis topped the scoreboard with 115,400 points. She was a decent amount above the rest of the field, too. MeL earned 104,800 points, with katsumi’s 102,000 right behind her. Annie was next at 84,000, while Jazzyk1ns scored 50,400.

The third scenario was Defend the Village. Instead of targets moving toward the player, they started in the sky above a village. The goal was to take them out as they fell before they made contact with the buildings.

Alexis topped her second straight scenario with a score of 102,200. Annie earned her second runner-up finish with 92,600 points, while katusumi was about 10,000 beneath her. MeL recorded her lowest finish with 78,880 points. Meanwhile, Jazzyk1ns was still struggling to find her rhythm at 73,000 points.

The final challenge was Defend the Watchtower. This time, targets came in from both sides of the screen to attack a watchtower in the center. Target switching and big precise movements were tested in this last scenario.

Annie posted the highest score of the day with 139,000 points. It was also the biggest margin from first to second since meL clocked in with 125,600. Katsumi also had a decent run with a score of 119,300. Alexis earned 110,800 points for fourth, while Jazzyk1ns had her best performance of the day with 109,100.

The overall winner of the Aim Lab Defenders challenge was meL with an average score of 110,900. Even though Alexis had her beat in first-place finishes, her average placement was 2.25 while alexis’ was 2.5.

If you want to test how you stack up against these VALORANT pros, you can download the playlist here and record your own scores.

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