Cloakzy lets TimTheTatman on his Apex account, instantly regrets it

Tim falls off.

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During a collaboration between two Complexity co-owners, TimTheTatman briefly took over Cloakzy’s streaming setup. But this privilege was almost instantly revoked after Tim made a crucial error in a game of Apex Legends.

During a recent stream, Cloakzy was visited by fellow Twitch streamer and Complexity content creator TimTheTatman. Both well-versed Apex players, Cloakzy asked his guest if he’d like to say hello to one of his longtime teammates, NiceWigg. After a short conversation, TimTheTatman took up a round of Apex on Cloakzy’s account.

The guest streamer had a fairly good start to the game, progressing through the map alongside NiceWigg. Tragedy struck, however, when the pair were messing around with Ash’s portal ultimate. Tim was enjoying his discovery that he could go through her portal multiple times when he then fatally stepped off the ledge of the map.

Watching on as Tim fell to his death on his account, Cloakzy immediately ordered that his Complexity business partner leave his setup. Despite Cloakzy’s protest, TimTheTatman attempted to blame it on the map choice. Unfortunately for Tim, that was his last game on Cloakzy’s account and he was relegated to being a commentator for the rest of his visit.