Despite two whole patches of nerfs, Riot thinks Camille is still too OP

More nerfs are being considered to bring her strength level down even more.

In an effort to finally bring Camille to a healthy level of strength, Riot is planning another round of nerfs for her, according to a dev post in the official forums today.

This won’t be Camille’s first time under the scope of the nerf gun. In fact, Riot has already rolled out not one, but two full rounds of nerfs to the Steel Shadow in two patches since her release in December.

The first patch was 7.1 back in January, when Riot first addressed her inane strength after her initial release. Riot even went so far as to lead the patch notes off with, “Let’s face it – Camille is pretty darn strong.” The patch went on to nerf almost all of Camille’s kit. Her health was lowered, the duration on her passive shield was lowered, and the stun on her ultimate was reduced. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough.

Even after the nerfs, Camille carried on as an insta-ban in pro play and regular games alike, as players were just too scared to play against her. Unfortunately, they were right. Camille was still too strong, and another round of nerfs were dished out in patch 7.3 in February. Nerfs included lowering her Q’s damage, her W’s slow, her E’s stun, and her ultimate was nerfed once more.

Despite widespread nerfs to her entire kit on these two separate occasions, Camille is still an insta-ban. She’s too strong in most stages of the game. She still has too little counterplay, even when facing teams with heavy crowd-control, which was intended to be her main weakness.

Now, Riot looks to send even more nerfs her way, in an attempt to put her in the right spot. The thought at the moment is to try removing her W’s heal when it hits non-champions, as well as reduce the slow of the W at early levels instead of just starting at a flat 80 percent slow.

This nerf would take away much of her laning power. Sustaining off of waves of minions would no longer be possible, and setting up easy ganks with a flat 80 percent slow would make the gank a bit harder.

Will it be enough, though? It could go either way. She’s not nearly as strong as she was, but we’re not convinced that she’s weak enough for a small nerf like this to bring her to heel.