Bond of Stone mastery changes are on the way

The Bond of Stone mastery could be improved in an upcoming patch.

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The Bond of Stone mastery might receive an update in one of the upcoming patches, according to Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, Riot’s lead champion designer. 

Bond of Stone is a mastery in League of Legends that grants four percent reduced damage. In addition to that, six pecent of the damage that allied champions would take from enemy champions is dealt to you instead (cannot reduce you below five percent health).

Meddler stated on the League of Legends message board that Riot is actively looking to make changes to this mastery. “We’ll likely take a look at Bond of Stone in the next patch or two,” Meddler said. “[I’m] not sure on possible changes yet, it’s something we want to look at from a satisfaction and/or power perspective though.”

It is unclear what changes would be made, but with Meddler hinting at adjusting the “power perspective” of the mastery, it can be assumed that the mastery will be receiving a buff. Bond of Stone has not seen much usage in the competitive scene recently, but this update could make the mastery more viable for tank supports once again.

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