Best PS5 skins

Wrap your PS5 with these protective and theme-based skins.

The PlayStation 5 comes with a minimalist black and white design, far more attractive than the previous generation. But one downside with the new PS5 was its limited color options. In the CES 2022, Sony unveiled five new colors for the PS5, and they will soon head to the market. But for PS5 owners who already bought the device, this might not be pleasant news.

However, if you already have a black and white PS5 and want to give it a new look, using skins is the best possible solution. Here we’ve listed the best PS5 skins that can protect your device and give it a fantasy look.

Benazcap for PS5 plates, hard shockproof Playstation 5 faceplates

Benazcap for PS5 Plates, Hard Shockproof Playstation 5 Faceplates
Image: Benazcap
This PS5 skin from Benazcap is not designed for aesthetic purposes only – it can also protect your device against impacts. The body is made of high-quality ABS material. In terms of aesthetics, the Benazp Cap PS5 skin is available in all-black, black and white, and Cosmic Red colors, which provides a great color choice for buyers. Please note that this skin doesn’t fit the PS5 Digital Edition. Also, it doesn’t add much to the device’s thickness and weight.

Aosai PS5 silicone skin cover

Aosai PS5 Silicone Skin Cover
Image: Aosai
Silicone is a popular material for consoles due to its lightness and protection level. The Aosai PS5 skin is also made of silicone, and it is compatible with both Disc and Digital Editions. You can find one console cover, one controller cover, and eight thumb grips in the package. Customers can also choose between seven different colors.

MASiKEN PS5 dust cover case

MASiKEN PS5 Dust Cover Case
Image: MASiKEN
This PS5 cover case from MASiKEN might be different from any cases you’ve ever seen. It is a cotton-made case covering the device as if you were putting it in a bag. There are pockets for game discs and DualSense Controllers at the outer layer. The case also provides access to the ports, and it comes in five different colors.

Venom PS5 console skin and PS5 controller skins set

Venom PS5 Console Skin and PS5 Controller Skins Set
Image: The Console Wrap
Venom fans can make the most of this skin for their PS5. The skins in the package are adequate for covering the console along with DualSense Controllers. To complete your Venom set of PS5 skins, you can even place an order for headset and media remote skins. Also, the skins are available for both Disc and Digital editions.

Anime decal skin for PS5

Anime Decal Skin For PS5 Console
Image: Bopanku
Covering the PS5 with stickers from your favorite anime could be fascinating for every gamer. This PS5 skin from Bopanku offers 360-degree coverage, and customers can choose between two themes. Moreover, it is anti-scratch and anti-UV. Both Digital and Disc editions are supported. It’s not only kawaii but protective.

Earth PS5 console and controllers skin

Earth PS5 Console and Controllers Skin
This PS5 skin from TAIFOND offers great diversity in terms of colors and design. Customers are free to choose between 12 colors, and each color has a unique design theme. The skins are only compatible with the PS5 Digital Edition. Get transported to an entirely new galaxy.

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