Best MultiVersus streamers to watch

The best streamers in the FGC's newest space.

Image via Warner Bros. Games | Remixed by Cale Michael

MultiVersus is a crossover platform fighting game produced by Warner Bros. that brings characters from varying different games, television shows, and movies into one arena.

Though it’s a recent release, as the game is still in its beta testing phases, MultiVersus has already received significant attention from streamers across Twitch. The quickly rising name in the fighting game community has plenty of options when it comes to broadcasters.

Here are the top MultiVersus streamers to watch in terms of skill and entertainment value.

Best MultiVersus streamers to watch


Given MultiVersus roots in previous platform fighters, it comes to no surprise that many Super Smash Bros. veterans have quickly taken to the title. Cloud9’s Mang0, largely considered one of the best Super Smash Bros. Melee players to touch the game, has actively played Warner Brothers’ newest fighting game since its release.

Mang0 has primarily played Harley Quinn since picking up the game, already showing tremendous skill on the character. Playing MultiVersus alongside his mainstay game, Melee, Mang0 has regularly had fun, informative, and entertaining streams with the new game.


Another Super Smash Bros. Melee legend, Hungrybox has similarly dedicated much of his recent stream time to MultiVersus. The multi-time Melee major winning champion has primarily played Iron Giant and Taz throughout the course of the beta but has frequently tested out and created guides for the growing roster of characters.

A technical player, Hungrybox has also done in-depth coverage of the game’s relatively few updates and patch notes. Taking the forefront of his stream, Hungrybox is an excellent choice for players looking to improve at MultiVersus.


DifferentNerd is a variety streamer with platform fighting experience primarily from Brawlhalla. A comparatively smaller streamer, DifferentNerd has consistently featured MultiVersus on broadcast since the launch of the game’s beta. Though mostly playing Iron Giant, this streamer has played a wide range of the fighting game’s cast and will even allow viewers to pick his character in any given match. Offering up comedic commentary to viewers, DifferentNerd is a streamer to watch if you are looking for a few entertaining rounds of MultiVersus.


Bugzvii is an aspiring MultiVersus pro and former Fortnite competitor who has almost exclusively streamed the fighting game since the beta’s launch. Bugzvii has shown an impressive proficiency in multiple characters so far, including Bugs Bunny, Harley Quinn, Batman, and more. For players looking to improve and to watch an up-and-coming, Bugzvii is clearly among the top streamers to watch. With MultiVersus esports soon approaching, its debut being at Evo 2022, Bugzvii could look to show his prowess both on-stream and on-stage.