Soon Bard will be able to infinitely collect chimes

Yeah, you read that right.

Bard’s chime-collecting passive is getting a big update, according to the current patch of the Public Beta Environment (PBE).

The PBE is League of Legends’ test client for players to try out new features before they go live. As the new Bard collects chimes around the map, instead of merely gaining some temporary movement speed, a bit of experience, and a flat damage buff on his meeps, his chimes will grant him special benefits as he collects more of them. The benefits that the chimes grant Bard are pretty amazing, and they last for the entire game once he achieves them.

Chimes collected prior to this PBE change mostly just grant damage to Bard when he attacks with his meeps, with some other utility buffs here and there. Well, now, most of the damage buffing is going away, and more utility buffs than you could image are replacing them. Oh, and more meeps.

Now, as Bard collects his chimes, the slow that his meeps cause will jack up to an 80 percent slow when he hits 90 chimes. You can get 90 chimes in about 32 minutes if you don’t miss any chimes throughout the whole game. The size of the AoE blast from the meep strike also increases as he collects chimes. Not only that, but he also gains meeps much faster. At 100 chimes, Bard will have nine meeps total. In the live client, he has four meeps at that time.

Once you hit 100 chimes, however, then the damage buffs come back. Every five chimes you attain gives your meeps 10 more damage, and it scales infinitely. We’ve heard about infinite Q stack Veigar, but we never considered infinite chime stack Bard. This Bard buff should ship with patch 7.7. Patch 7.6 was just this week, so 7.7 will likely come out in a few weeks.