April Fools kicks off with brand new Toy Box Skins for Kennen, Renekton, Alistar, and Kog’Maw

Let's be honest: The only League of Legends Skin you'll be getting is Pug’Maw.

What happens when you mix Disney’s Toy Story and League of Legends? You get ToyBox Skins, Riot’s batch of April Fools skins.

Riot revealed Super Kennen, Moo Cow Alistar, Renektoy and Pug’maw at the start of the month in the PBE. They are all part of a series of April Fools skins released every year that make fun of the League of Legends champions.

Kennen’s new skin has him dressed like a superhero, similar to DC Comic’s The Flash or other speedsters, dashing around and throwing shurikens at villians. Alistar’s skin sees the minotaur dressing up as a comical cow, cowbell and all. Renekton’s new skin, meanwhile, turns him into a small wind-up green alligator toy. He looks childlike with the big eyes, though that illusion is easily shattered with all the damage he deals.

But, let’s be honest here, everyone is most likely going to get Pug’Maw, even if you don’t play Kog’Maw, it’s still a skin worth getting. For one, it’s an adorable pug. For another, he shoots tennis balls at his opponents. And finally, come on, it’s just cute.

Moo Cow Alistar and Pug’Maw are the most expensive skins at 975 RP, with new in-game animations and effects. In addition to the tennis balls, Pug’maw has been given new idle animations to match his new pug form. Alistar’s skin gives the champion the cowbell, which you can ring indefinitely if you want to, a new recall animation, and small visual changes to his abilities to fit the theme.

Super Kennen and Renektoy will cost you 750 RP but don’t bring anything new to the table. The reskins of the champions have no new animations par a few effects, such as Renektoy’s abilities having a green color instead of the usual brown.

Riot is also releasing new chromas with the skins. Moo Cow Alistar is the second launch skin to feature chromas after Dragon Slayer Xin Zhao earlier this month. Each Chroma is 290 RP each.