Apex streamer allegedly caught cheating is proven not guilty by developers

He was really lucky thanks to a bug.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Small Apex Legends streamer Otto “ottr” Boström became the center of attention in the game’s community after he was allegedly caught using an aimbot during a tournament yesterday.

His crosshair made a sudden and suspicious movement right after he eliminated a player. He kept shooting after he got this first elimination, and his crosshair automatically moved upward and locked into another player that was moving from behind a box. That second player also got eliminated, and ottr’s aiming was so perfect that he seemed to be using an aimbot.

But he says he wasn’t, and another player found evidence that ottr was just lucky and ran into a bug in that play.

In that area of the Apex map, apparently, there’s a bug that makes the player’s aim move upward just like ottr’s moved in that clip. Another player recorded himself reproducing ottr’s play and showed that his aim’s behavior was the same, even though in the reproduction there was no opponent behind the boxes. Players who are on that position where the streamer was and shoot downward will experience the same effect, and ottr seems to have been very, very lucky that there was an opponent right where his aim moved due to that bug

Ottr clarified his play on Reddit as well.

“Some people raised concerns about my reaction and my alt tabbing,” he wrote. “I react like that all the time when I do [suspect] shit and I'm currently looking through my clips trying to find some other ones when I say the same thing. I alt tabbed to create a stream marker so I could clip it myself later cause I thought it was fun.”

Ottr was manually banned for 40 minutes last night, but an Apex senior designer asked the person in charge to revoke the ban since he knew “the circumstances.” Though the designer never mentioned a bug, this statement by a big Respawn employee essentially confirms that the team reviewed ottr’s clip and found he wasn’t cheating.