Apex Legends streamer, ottr, allegedly caught aimbotting

During his stream, ottr’s aim suspiciously snapped to a target.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Swedish streamer Otto “ottr” Boström was accused of cheating in Apex Legends yesterday after a suspicious play where his aim snapped at a target.

A viewer posted the Twitch clip to the LivestreamFail subreddit, which shows ottr finishing off one enemy before his aim snapped up immediately to another opponent.

Immediately after the play, ottr seemed distraught as he addressed his Twitch chat. “Uh, chat don’t clip that,” he said. He then appeared torn between turning his stream off and leaving the game before laughing in disbelief.

Many members of the community are calling for Respawn to ban ottr’s account for hacking.

In the current state of the game, Apex is plagued with hackers who simply create another account after being banned. EA recently posted a job position as an Anti-Cheat Program Manager, a clear attempt to combat the cheating. It also implemented other solutions like grouping cheaters together in the same matches and adding a Two-Factor Authentication when creating a new account.

Ottr is currently a semi-professional Apex player for the Italian organization Hic Sunt Leones (HSL) Esports. He got his start playing Overwatch, being known for his Zarya and D. Va. He and his team won numerous Overwatch tournaments, including DreamHack Winter 2018 BYOC and King of Nordic: BirdieLAN 27.