Apex Legends players recreate World’s Edge map in Minecraft

Taking crafting in Apex to the next level.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Minecraft, by simple nature of how open and free its gameplay is, tends to be a rich source of content for other games. Players can create and build anything they want, including structures and sometimes entire battle royale locations.

One group of Minecraft player have their sights set on a particularly large task: building the World’s Edge map from Respawn’s popular battle royale Apex Legends.

Reddit user ‘kurobekuro’ posted a jaw-dropping screenshot of their group’s current progress, a fully-realized Fragment East and West. Both the scale of the map and the attention to detail is incredible, recreating ruined skyscrapers and vast chasms, but also including air conditioning units on buildings, pipes, loot bins, and more. Any Apex player will immediately recognize the point of view, and most will even know exactly where on World’s Edge they would be standing. 

The plan, according to kurobekuro, doesn’t end here. Their group is trying to recreate the entirety of the World’s Edge map from Season 6. This should include POIs are no longer in the current version of World’s Edge, such as Refinery. Currently, the team is working on another long-gone favorite POI, Sorting Factory.

As for how long it takes, kurobekuro noted the prototype build of the Minecraft version of Season 3’s Capitol City took about three weeks to complete. From there it took another four days to turn that into Fragment. 

The team clearly has a long road ahead to complete the full Apex Legends map. But results like these, even incomplete, make the work all the more worth it.