Analysis on Bengi’s Ganking Priority and Success

This is my analysis of Bengi’s ganking priority and success rate.

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This is my analysis of Bengi’s ganking priority and success rate. I will be going over Bengi’s overall success and priority, then go into specific priorities and ganks, the effect of Faker vs Easyhoon, and the success of Bengi’s most played champions, Rek’sai and Evelynn. For those who don’t know who Bengi is, he is the jungler for SKT T1 and usually partners up with Faker. Bengi is not known for his mechanics, but for his decision making and jungle pathing. I don’t normally see him making the big outplay like Faker will consistently do, but Bengi’s shot calling helps keep SKT T1 on track.

Note: I only count ganks that occur at 15 minutes or prior. This focuses strictly on early game. Usually past 15 minutes the teams will start grouping more often and the laning phase will end.  

Ganking Priority

Overall: Mid>Top>Jungle>ADC

There are two charts here. The first one called position priority is the priority Bengi will put on actual positions. Physical location priority is the exact area/lane he is ganking. For position priority Bengi puts most of his emphasis in mid and top which sit at 40% and 37% respectively, then jungle at 17%, and finally ADC at 5%. The physical location isn’t really different with 5% of the top lane priority going to the bot lane. Based on this data we can clearly see a mid and top priority on SKT T1. Faker is the best in the world and it makes complete sense to target his lane. Marin is second in priority. Marin is a strong top laner whose Rumble can take over games. The current meta is also more steered towards top lane which makes it a better option that ganking for your ADC unless one of the team’s main carries is the ADC. In SKT T1’s case, I don’t facilitate Bang as a main carry. Bang and Wolf will also randomly die at times, which makes ganking for their lane even less optimal. One interesting to note is how high the jungle gank priority is. Bengi is good at predicting where the enemy will be and he is very good at sneaking around in the enemy jungle. This sets Bengi up for jungle ganks and flanking the enemy team from behind. Bengi’s two most played champions so far are Rek’sai and Evelynn. Both these champions can sneak around in the enemy jungle and avoid the enemy thanks to the tremor sense and invisibility.

Specific Gank Priority and Timings

1st Gank: Top>Mid>ADC = Jungle

Average Timing: 5:20

For the first gank Bengi will gank for Marin 50% of the time, mid 25% of the time, and for Bang and in the jungle 12.50% of the time. The first gank is prioritized onto Marin. Getting your top laner ahead early on provides pressure in a few forms. One, Marin can teleport to provide back up and if the enemy top laner tries to match Marin’s teleport it is still in SKT T1’s favor due to Marin being ahead. Two, it allows Marin to dominate his lane with an early kill and can grow a big creep score lead. On champions like Rumble, one of Marin’s favorites, accelerating Rumble’s early game potential leads to quick dragon control and accelerate his power spikes for team fighting. Getting mid lane ahead is important as well, but first blood on mid lane doesn’t always lead to big impact due to junglers and supports roaming for ganks.

2nd Gank: Mid>Jungle = Top>ADC

Average Timing: 8:19

For the second gank Bengi will gank mid 57.14% of the time, in the jungle and for Marin 21.43% of the time, and for Bang 0% of the time. The second gank goes towards the mid lane. Faker deserves a gank eventually since he is a high impact player who when plays high impact champions completely takes over games. The timing is also close to when red and blue buffs come up so killing the enemy mid laner can allow for a steal.

3rd Gank: Mid>Jungle>Top>ADC

Average Timing: 10:35

For the third gank Bengi will gank mid 53.85%, in the jungle 23.08%, for Marin 15.38% of the time, and for Bang 7.69%. Mid is focused again for the third gank. The later ganks aren’t typically used to just snowball lanes, but to take early objectives like the mid lane tower or dragon. Killing a top laner doesn’t always net a dragon due to them possibly having teleport, but a mid laner has to walk all the way from base. Jungle ganks are also more prevalent for picks to lead towards a dragon as well.

4th Gank: Top>Mid = ADC = Jungle

Average Timing: 10:47

For the fourth gank Bengi will 100% of the time gank for Marin and no one else. This gank isn’t the most accurate due to their only being 6 total 4th ganks. The only thing it can indicate is Bengi will do his best to snowball Marin hard in some games and if Marin gets successful early ganks you can usually expect more from Bengi later on.

Overall Success Rate

The overall success rates for Bengi’s ganks are 54.39% success to get a kill, 15.79% success to just blow a summoner, 24.56% to just apply pressure, 5.26% to do nothing, and there is a 22.81% chance that a teammate or Bengi himself will die. SKT T1 has a reasonably high chance to get kills off Bengi’s ganks. He does have a relatively high chance for something to go wrong as well, which leads to some low gold deficits at 15 minutes. However, SKT T1’s immaculate shot calling can save them from these deficits by taking one mistake the enemy team makes and snowball that one mistake as hard as they can.

Overall Specific Success Rates


The success rate for mid is  56.52% chance to get a kill, 17.39% to just blow a summoner, 21.74% to just apply pressure, 4.35% to do nothing, and there is a 17.39% chance that a member of SKT T1 dies. The mid lane has the best success rate compared to the others. The chance to die and do nothing is lower. The kill percentage is above 50% as well. I will note that one reason success in the mid lane is higher is due to Wolf and Marin occasionally roaming to mid lane with Bengi to get a gank off. Who can forget the four man gank on Coco in game 2 for Faker’s Master Yi?


The success rate for Marin is  47.62% chance to get a kill, 19.05% to just blow a summoner, 23.81% to just apply pressure, 9.52% to do nothing, and there is a 23.81% chance that a member of SKT T1 dies. The ganks for Marin are a bit weaker compared to mid. There is a higher death percentage and for nothing to happen along with the kill percentage being weaker. Bengi and Marin have misplayed a few times where the enemy Rumble gets a double kill in a 1v2 situation. If they can clean up some of these big blunders then the percentages for nothing and deaths should fall down.


The success rate for Bang is a 0% chance to get a kill, 100% to just blow a summoner, 0% to just apply pressure, 0% to do nothing, and there is a 0% chance that a member of SKT T1 dies. Bang was only ganked for 3 times in the 15 games Bengi has played. They only resulted in the enemy duo blowing flash. With such a low amount of ganks there isn’t enough data to justify how safe ganks are for the duo.


The success rate in the jungle is a 80% chance to get a kill, 10% to just blow a summoner, 10% to just apply pressure, 0% to do nothing, and there is a 50% chance that a member of SKT T1 dies. You will notice the high percentage to get kills, but with a high percentage for an SKT T1 member to die. Jungle ganks can be risky if you aren’t 100% sure where someone is and usually these ganks turn into team fights. This increases the chance that SKT T1 will lose at least one member, but it also means SKT T1 may be getting more than just one kill.

Priority and Success with and without Faker

With Faker (12 Games)

When Faker is mid the priority and success rates change. Mid is prioritized 44.44%, top is prioritized 31.11%, ADC is prioritized 6.67%, and the jungle is prioritized 17.78%. Compare this to the overall and the numbers are relatively close. Top and mid priority are a bit less, but not by much. Bengi keeps towards the standard model with Faker more and sets most priority in top and mid followed with a small amount of priority with Bang.

The success rate for SKT T1 with Faker is 57.78% to get a kill, 13.33% to just blow a summoner, 24.44% to just apply pressure, 4.44% to do nothing, and there is a 22.22% chance that an SKT T1 member dies. The success rates are close towards the overall success rates. It makes sense since the primary amounts of games with Bengi are played with Faker. Faker is also more consistent and very dependable on ganks.

With Easyhoon (3 Games)

When Easyhoon is mid the mid lane is prioritized 25%, top is prioritized 58.33%, ADC is prioritized 0%, and the jungle is prioritized 16.67%. Mid is prioritized less when Easyhoon plays. Easyhoon is a top mid laner in the world, but when Easyhoon plays with Bengi top lane will get more attention. There are only 3 games where Bengi played with Easyhoon so this number is a bit skewed.

The success rate for SKT T1 with Easyhoon is 41.67% to get a kill, 25% to just blow a summoner, 25% to just apply pressure, 8.33% to do nothing, and there is a 25% chance that an SKT T1 member dies. The kill percentage drops by 16.11%, just do nothing increases by 3.89%, and death rate increases by 2.78%. The biggest change is the kill percentage. Less kills result when Easyhoon plays. This can be due to less pressure being applied by him or possibly some other variable. Like stated before, with only 3 games played with Easyhoon the numbers may be off compared to with Faker.

Bengi’s Impact on Evelynn and Rek’sai

Evelynn (7 Games)


When Bengi plays Evelynn the priority switches to 47.37% for Marin, 21.05% for both mid and jungle, and 10.53% for Bang. Priority is set on Marin. Evelynn can sneak through the top lane most often and several top laners offer crowd control. Mid lane ganks are harder with Evelynn since she is a walker, can’t go over walls.

Success Rate

The success rate for SKT T1 when Bengi plays Evelynn is 47.37% to get a kill, 36.84% to just blow a summoner, 5.26% to just apply pressure, 10.53% to do nothing, and there is a 36.84% chance that an SKT T1 member dies. Looking at these percentages shows us that Bengi’s Evelynn has a very high chance of causing a death on SKT T1. The kill percentage is lower than 50% and on a champion like Evelynn getting first blood dramatically increases the chances for your team to win. My reasoning on the increase win rate for Evelynn is from Mag1c’s analysis on Evelynn. It is good to note though that the chance to blow summoners is higher than normal sitting above 30%, but as mentioned by Mag1c first blood is paramount with Evelynn. It doesn’t mean your team loses if you don’t get first blood.

To get a better understanding on Bengi’s Evelynn his average number of ganks per a game is 2.714. He on average will invade and steal the enemy jungle 2 times per a game. Finally, SKT T1’s average gold deficit at 15 minutes when Bengi plays Evelynn is -1214.286. SKT T1 is usually down gold when Bengi plays Evelynn and his average ganks and invades/steals are also below the average. Why is this? Evelynn will get punished hard for mistakes. The player must maximize the passive in order to sneak around for ganks or invades. The games Bengi played Evelynn were against some of the harder competition as well compared to when he played Rek’sai. With Evelynn he faced Jin Air, KT Rolster, CJ Entus, Koo Tigers, and Samsung.

So why would they keep picking Evelynn? One of the reasons SKT T1 goes with the Evelynn is because of her strong early game which is meant to help snowball the power picks by Faker and Marin. She brings good sustain damage early on as well for extended early fights. Her passive applies global pressure as long as she isn’t seen. Finally, she can sneak with her passive to get safer deep wards and follow enemy players unseen.

Rek’sai (6 Games)


When Bengi plays Rek’sai the priority switches to 41.38% for Marin and mid, 17.24% for jungle, and 0% for Bang. Bengi increases his priority on mid when playing Rek’sai. Rek’sai can go through terrain more easily which opens several different gank paths in the mid lane. Rek’sai also offers a knock-up for better follow up by the mid laner.

Success Rate

The success rate for SKT T1 when Bengi plays Rek’sai is 55.17% to get a kill, 10.34% to just blow a summoner, 31.03% to just apply pressure, 3.45% to do nothing, and there is a 17.24% chance that an SKT T1 member dies. Comparing this to Bengi’s Evelynn the kill percentage is above 50% and the death percentage is down roughly 19%. That is a big drop in deaths. Blowing enemy summoners does decrease with just pressure being applied, but the lower death rate makes up for it.

The average number of ganks per a game with Rek’sai is 4.83. The average number of invades and steals in the enemy jungle is 3.83. SKT T1’s average gold deficit at 15 minutes when Bengi plays Rek’sai is +2550. There is a big difference here. Bengi ganks roughly 2 more times on average, invades/steals jungle roughly 2 more times, and on average are up 3764.286 more gold. Just looking at these additional stats Bengi’s Rek’sai has more impact than his Evelynn and applies more gank pressure. Rek’sai is a good early jungler as well with the option to be useful later on in the game. Rek’sai’s ultimate allows her to apply global pressure as well like Evelynn’s passive, though it requires being level 6. Also like Evelynn, Rek’sai’s tremor sense gives safe vision and allows for safer deep warding. Both these champions have similar attributes. Now, one reason why Bengi’s Rek’sai looks better is due to the games he played her in. Bengi faced Anarchy, CJ Entus, and Incredible Miracle when playing Rek’sai. These are easier opponents compared to KT and Jin Air. I would like to see Bengi play Rek’sai against a top 3 team in LCK to see how well he performs.

Final Thoughts

SKT T1 has a clear mid and top priority. It is a bit more balanced compared to TSM’s, but CLG has a more overall balance of priority compared to the two. However, the impact of top lane and mid lane is bigger compared to ADC early impact. This makes prioritizing top and mid lane better in most cases.

I also just want to list some overall stats I didn’t go over with Bengi. Bengi will on average gank 3.5625 times per a game. He will invade and steal the enemy jungle 3.5625 times per a game. SKT T1 on average has a +1181.25 gold deficit at 15 minutes. This average is higher than CLG’s, but lower than TSM’s. The gank average by Bengi is higher than both Santorin and Xmithie.  Bengi’s Rek’sai is clearly stronger than Santorin’s Rek’sai. Even against some of the weaker LCK teams these teams would give trouble to the upper echelon of NA teams.


Credits towards lolesports for the VODS to get all my data from and the pictures and Mag1c’s Finding a Niche: Evelynn’s Subpar Summer Split, which I mentioned briefly.



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