All-Stars 2016: LCK vs. LPL

The final match of the day pitted the LPL against the LCK titans

The final match for day two pitted the LCK All-Stars against their eastern counterpart, the LPL All-Stars. Both of these teams won their matches on day one, and were battling for sole possession of first place.

LCK All-Stars  

Smeb: Nautilus                    

Bengi: Lee Sin                    

Faker: Ahri               

Pray: Twitch                             

Madlife: Tahm Kench                           

BANS: Rengar, Leblanc, Zyra

LPL All-Stars

Mouse: Poppy

Clearlove: Evelynn   

We1less: Syndra  

UZI: Ezreal

Mata: Thresh

BANS: Ryze, Rek’sai, Karma

This game started incredibly for the LPL All-Stars. A counter gank from Ming “ClearLove” Kai and roam from Wei “We1less” Zhen gave the Chinese a 3-1 kill lead at four minutes. These two then ganked the Korean bot lane again only a couple minutes later, which secured the LPL two more kills.

The LCK All-Stars started to turn this game around at the 10 minute mark, when Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho and Bae “Bengi” Seong-woong ganked mid lane, killing We1less and Clearlove, who were positioning for a counter gank. After they secured these two kills, the LCK five man ganked the bot lane, where they killed the LPL’s duo and got the first brick gold. At this point in the game, the LCK now had a gold lead.

This game stagnated for a few minutes after this point, but a pick onto We1less at 20 minutes allowed the LCK to take Baron. The LCK used the buff to take all three of the LPL’s inhibitors. Despite the 34 minute team-fight won by the LPL, the sheer amount of super minions flooding their base could not be cleared, resulting in the LCK’s match win.

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Article by Malcolm Abbas. Follow him on Twitter @SmashhLoL.

Photo via LoL Esports