Allegiance Upsets Luminosity Behind Mochilla’s Clutch S&D Play

With a reverse sweep comeback by Luminosity, Allegiance was able to clutch up in the second straight main stage game five to pull off the Group D upset.

With Steve “Mochila” Canle going 13-5 in a must-win game five, good enough for 20+ kills across two Search and Destroy maps, Team Allegiance took home their first series of the tournament 3-2 against Luminosity Gaming, a team regarded as a top-three team at this event.

“My positioning and timing was on point,” said Mochilla. “I kind of baited my teammates half the time, just for them to run forward and to pick them off while they are trying to kill my teammates, so it was a lot of timing.”

With Luminosity Gaming heading in as one of the favorites, Mochilla agreed that his team pulled off an upset, despite their opponent’s recent play in the PlayStation Experience.

“I even said that Luminosity is one of the top-three team,” Mochila said. “Them losing to Orbit in the last event was a fluke, and that them, FaZe and OpTic are the top-three teams. So taking them out was a huge deal.”

Luminosity was able to get two games back from Allegiance after dropping to 2-0 in the series, and even sent Allegiance into the 100-point club on Hardpoint.

After those two matches, Jonathan “SinfuL” Baez gave respect to the Luminosity side for not bottoming out after going down 2-0, and he knew his team had to come back to stop the rally in game five.

“I have to give it to Luminosity,” SinfuL said. “I’ve known them from watching them that they are a great momentum team. Once they get that first push, they are on fire and it is really hard to stop them as it showed.”

“For Uplink, on that first side, we kept it really close, but throughout that second side, we were making a lot of mistakes,” SinfuL said. “We were not prioritizing areas of the map that we had to, we weren’t making good team plays, and Luminosity capatilized on that. So credit to them for that.”

After that upset win, SinfuL believes that Allegiance is the top dog in Group D, and is prepared for the next two games ahead. However, he was not pleased that his team did not perform better against LG.

“I already know that we are going to get out of group play as the top seed, I’m saying that now,” SinfuL said. “But I’m not satisfied with how that match went down. I wanted to 3-0 them, and I’m sure my teammates aren’t satisfied either.”

Next on Allegiance’s plate is a match against compLexity later tonight, and SinfuL did not mince any words for his prediction.

“3-0. Flat out 3-0,” said SinfuL. “I don’t even want just a 3-0, I want a smokeshow.”

With the win, Team Allegaince is currently 1-0 in Group D, while Luminosity starts their MLG Vegas weekend with a 0-1 record.

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James Mattone is a journalist for GAMURS and can be contacted on Twitter –@TheJamesMattone.

Photo credits: Blazy