Activision sends care package to CoD streamer that dislocated his knee while raging on Warzone

Activision must've felt a little bad

Image via Activision

Anyone who’s played Call of Duty in the last two decades can attest that the game’s competitive nature can sometimes get the better of you. While it can lead to incredible highs when you come out victorious, it also has the potential to enrage you in moments of defeat. Activision seems to recognize these dangers, as it recently sent a care package to a fan who collapsed while playing Warzone.

Jake Lucky shared a clip on Twitter from TheDannyHammer on Twitch that shows the streamer reacting to his teammate going after an enemy. While he jumps around excitedly at first, he begins to bend backward before collapsing to the ground below, saying “I broke my fucking leg.” It would later come out that he had dislocated his leg during the stream, something that Activision apparently noticed.

In the second part of the video, Danny can be seen with a collection of stuff that Activision sent him after his unfortunate accident. These included a couple of different hats, a giant desk pad, some headphones, and more. The streamer was very appreciative of the gift from the company, stating “[y]ou didn’t have to send me anything!”

This isn’t the first time that CoD has made someone act violently after a loss. Players across the world have likely at least heard of someone breaking a controller or monitor when the game didn’t go their way. Fortunately, it seems that Danny has recovered from his injury and there will be no lasting damage to his leg.

This just serves as a reminder that players should remember to take breaks, stretch, and go easy when they inevitably lose.