How to watch MTG Mythic Championship VI

Watch the last major tabletop tournament of the year.

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Over 500 of the best Magic: The Gathering players in the world are gathering in Richmond, Virginia this weekend for Mythic Championship VI.

The last major tabletop tournament in MTG will feature Throne of Eldraine Limited Draft and Standard 2020 play—and fans can watch every feature match played on Twitch. The event runs from Nov. 8 to 10 with live match play beginning at 8am CT each day on the Magic Twitch channel.

With a $500,000 prize pool, it’s the last major tabletop event of the year before Magic’s World Championship. The first two days at Mythic Championship VI will feature play in Throne of Eldraine Limited Draft and Standard 2020 Constructed.

  • Nov. 8 (day one): Eight Swiss rounds will be played throughout the day with the first three featuring ELD Booster Draft and the final five in Standard Constructed. All players who earn 12 or more match points for the day will move on to day two.  
  • Nov. 9 (day two): Much like day one, eight rounds will be played—three in ELD Booster Draft and five in Standard Constructed. Only the top-eight players will move on to the day three playoffs. 
  • Nov. 10 (day three): The top-eight players from MCVI Swiss rounds will play in a single-elimination, best-of-five Standard Constructed format. Players aren’t allowed to access their sideboards during the first two games, but they can starting with game three. 

Viewers on Twitch can access decklists for feature matches by clicking on the Magic icon near each player’s single-camera view. A wide overhead camera shot will show each play being made while the best casters in Magic provide play-by-play coverage. 

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Mythic Championship VI’s streaming coverage of the tabletop MTG feature matches will begin at 8am CT from Nov. 8 to 10.