The 5 best Minecraft cottage ideas

Here's how to make the perfect cottagecore house.

Image via Mojang

Part of the appeal of Minecraft is doing just about anything you want. While some players might want to plumb the world’s depths for diamonds or take on its scariest foes, others just want to build nice houses and go about their day in a very blocky world. For those who identify with the latter, we’ve got just the inspiration you’re looking for.

There’s an expansive cottage scene in the Minecraft community. Many of these participants use the game to live out their woodland fantasy dreams, while others simply want to build extremely aesthetic creations. Many use mods and texture packs to give their dwelling exactly the look they want. No matter what your goal is, you’ll need some examples to go off of before you get started.

Here are the 5 best Minecraft cottage ideas.

Flower Forest Brick House

This enormous brick house is perfect for those who want to wake up every (virtual) morning and look upon a field of flowers. Created by content creator Blisschen using the cocricot mod pack, the build uses vineyard terraces, molded window frames, and ivy to create the perfect woodland dwelling. If you’re looking for something a little more traditional but that still presents a challenge, this might be the build for you.

Wood and Brick House for Two

Looking for a house for you and a friend? Minecraft content creator Arichoo created a perfectly cottagecore build that incorporates two different color palettes and build styles into one gorgeous structure. The inside can be customized however you like, so you’ll need to look for interior inspiration elsewhere. Arichoo’s video on the house includes a full tutorial, so it’s easy to recreate this one on your own server if you love the look.

Three-Story Lavender Cottage

This cottage is a little less humble and a little more McMansion. Also by Arichoo, this build involves the use of specific block palettes and tools, which they showcase on their Ko-fi page. This one is less traditional than the other, but it still has the same sweeping roof, hanging vines full of flowers, and cozy chimney. The build also includes lights and balconies, which add a strong whimsical element to this already romantic cottage.

Rose Tower

This rose tower build is a fairy tale lover’s dream. Standing high above a dense woodland forest, it has a fantastic view of the surrounding countryside and all the sunsets your heart desires. The white-and-pink color palette is a big reason this build stands out, as are the carefully patterned windows and set of rose steps that lead all the way up the side. There’s also a small roofed area at the bottom for man’s best friend and several soft lights scattered throughout the uppermost area. If you’re up for the challenge, this is a satisfying cottage build.

Blacksmith’s cottage

If you’re not into the romantic cottagecore look but still want a cozy cottage, content creator BlueNerd Minecraft has you covered with this dramatic blacksmith’s abode. The build features an open front that showcases a floor-to-roof chimney and a forge fit for a master smith. The other side is a mix of stone and wood that houses the player’s living quarters and provides a nice view through two detailed sets of windows. This build proves that cottages can take any shape or form—what matters most is the way they feel.