Reddit user discovers that Minecraft Steve may drink 704 pounds of water with every bottle he drinks

He definitely won't get dehydrated.

Screengrab via Mojang

The massively popular sandbox game Minecraft has quite a few strange but fun features, and a recent discovery about Minecraft Steve by one Reddit user might be one of the weirdest yet. Steve is one of two default skins players will spawn in as unless they change it and is widely recognized as the face of Minecraft.

Reddit user DrenchyYT shared a short video on March 14 in which they calculated that with each bottle of water Minecraft Steve consumes, he drinks 704 pounds of water.

The logic behind this conclusion starts with the fact that it takes Minecraft Steve merely three seconds to drink an entire bottle of water. The Reddit user then explains that three empty glass bottles can be used to pick up an entire cauldron of water and the same cauldron can be filled with one bucket of water. This means that the two measurements are equal.

Most blocks in Minecraft are about one meter high and when placed down, water measures about a block tall. DrenchyYT uses this fact to convert one bucket of water to 33,814 fluid ounces. This number divided by the three bottles equals 11,271.3 fluid ounces per bottle, which can then be converted to 704 pounds.

Screengrab via Mojang

All of this means that in theory, Minecraft Steve drinks about 704 pounds of water with every water bottle he consumes. But certain factors play a role in this math, meaning that it likely is not perfectly accurate.

Underneath the Reddit post, other users pointed out factors such as that water places and shapes differently depending on the blocks it is placed by and that the water within a cauldron does not truly equal a full block. Even with these factors, the math is still fairly close and Minecraft Steve can drink an absurdly large amount of water.