Minecraft Snapshot 22W1A adds Mangrove trees, Mud Blocks, Echo Shard, and Recovery Compass

The latest snapshot adds an exciting new biome.

Image via Mojang

Minecraft players can experience several updates in Snapshot 22W1A, which adds plenty of new features like Mangrove trees and Mud Blocks alongside useful items like the Recovery Compass. 

Minecraft snapshots allow players to try new items or updates before they’re added to the game. The latest snapshot introduces a new biome and special block, increasing the diversity of the world. New Mangrove trees can be found in the Mangrove Swamp biome, which is a “warmer, more humid” version of existing swamp biomes. The new biome also features Mud Blocks, which can be turned into Clay by using a Pointed Dripstone. New Warm Frogs can also be found in this biome, introducing another unique animal. 

The new snapshot even adds the Recovery Compass, which points players in the direction of where they died last. This useful item can be crafted with Echo Shards, which can only be found in Ancient City chests. Ancient Cities can be found deep beneath the surface, so get ready to head into the depths of the world. You’ll need a regular compass to craft the Recovery Compass, so also grab iron and redstone.

Players who want to try the new snapshot can download it from the Minecraft Launcher and read more about the new features and changes in the official blog post. Snapshots can corrupt exisitng worlds, so remember to save them to a different folder to avoid any problems or issues.