Mob bug fixes, texture rendering, and more featured in Minecraft Bedrock update 2.45 full patch notes

Putting a little polish on the Wild Update.

Image via Mojang

In June, Mojang and Xbox released the Wild Update for Minecraft. This enormous update, known as 1.19 in the game’s numerical update marker system, introduced the deep dark and mangrove swamp biomes, wardens, frogs and tadpoles, and of course, plenty of new blocks. It refreshed the game for many players and provided plenty of new locales to explore, particularly the challenging deep dark and its complete and utter silence.

As with any update, especially a large one, the Wild Update arrived on Minecraft Bedrock Edition with a few bugs and quirks. To smooth things over, Mojang has released a supplemental patch that fixes some of the bugs that players have reported on the game’s forums. The bug fix, which is listed as 1.19.11, went live on July 26 and is available now for all Bedrock Edition users.

Minecraft Bedrock Update 2.45 full patch notes

The supplemental patch targets a variety of bugs, including ones affecting mob spawn, texture rendering, and suspended accounts on Xbox. Here are the full patch notes.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause mobs to not load into the world if their saved y-position was greater than or equal to 25.
  • Fixed incorrect texture rendering of players when using RTX on Windows.
  • Fixed incorrect texture rendering of some mobs, like Horses, when using RTX on Windows.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Command Blocks from saving if a Command Block Alias wasn’t provided while playing on Realms.
  • Fixed a bug where suspended accounts could not play local worlds or navigate the menus on Xbox platforms.