How to tame and ride a horse in Minecraft

A horse is an excellent companion.

Image via Mojang

Minecraft allows players to explore a massive world full of unique biomes, deadly enemies, and cute enemies that can become your companions.

Most players will adventure across the large world, finding new places to set up their bases as they collect new items and materials. Traversing on foot can be tedious, especially when traveling long distances through dangerous environments.

Luckily, you can tame and ride horses in Minecraft in a few easy steps, making it much more convenient to travel. 

Before you try to find a horse tame, you’ll need to find a saddle. A saddle allows you to control a horse once it’s tamed, and taming a horse without one is relatively useless. These rare items spawn in chests in dungeons or nether fortresses, but they can also be caught with a fishing pole. You should encounter dungeons with mob spawners fairly often, so always double-check the chests for a saddle. 

After acquiring a saddle, search for a herd of horses. They can be found in several biomes, like the plains, savanna, and village biomes. Once you find a horse, simply interact with it to climb on its back. After a few tries, the horse will be tamed, and you can now place a saddle on it to control its movement. Don’t panic if you get bucked off multiple times. Some horses take numerous tries to tame. 

Make sure to use a lead on your horse to make sure it stays in one place when you aren’t riding it. You can also name your horse with a name tag and equip special horse armor found throughout the world.