How to make a potion of strength in Minecraft

Crafting potions can help you survive almost anything.

Image via Mojang

Potions in Minecraft are a great way to get buffs that can help you survive tricky situations or deal with enemies with ease. One of the most common potions is the Potion of Strength, which is relatively easy to make. You’ll need a few ingredients and an Awkward Potion, but we’ll break down how to make those first. 

Before making any potion, you need a glass bottle. Brewing stands allow you to make three potions at a time, so make three bottles to maximize your production. Crafting glass bottles is easy. Just place three glass blocks in the crafting grid, which produces three glass bottles by default. 

Now that you have bottles, fill them with water and place them in the Brewing Stand. The final two ingredients you need for Awkward Potions are Blaze Powder and Nether Wart. Put the Blaze Powder in the fuel spot and the Nether Wart in the final spot. After a short period, you will have three Awkward Potions and are one step away from creating a Potion of Strength. 

Place the Awkward Potions in the three slots in the bottom of the Brewing Stand interface, Blaze Powder in the fuel section, and another piece of Blaze Powder in the top section. This combination creates a Potion of Strength, granting a buff for three minutes. 

You can also extend the effects of a Potion of Strength. Leave the Potion of Strength and add another Blaze Powder to the fuel slot, but this time place Redstone in the top box. This increases the duration of the Potion of Strength from three to eight minutes. You can also use Glowstone instead of Redstone, creating a Potion of Strength II. This variant is twice as strong but only lasts for a minute and a half.