Marvel Snap High Evolutionary leaks: All secret card abilities

From leaks to confirmed truths.

The High Evolutionary in Marvel Snap stares down at his enemies.
Image via Marvel

The April 28 developer update video from Marvel Snap developer Second Dinner introduced a bunch of new and upcoming cards to the game. These will be released in May, just in time for the release of the upcoming Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. This includes a new season pass card and a new series five “big bad” known as High Evolutionary.

Here’s everything you need to know about High Evolutionary and the “secret abilities” mechanic.

High Evolutionary abilities

As first data mined by known Marvel Snap leaker and information source @MarvelSnapBugle on Twitter, High Evolutionary is expected to be a four-cost, seven-Power card with an ability that reads: “At the start of the game, unlock the secret ability of all your cards with no abilities.”

Screengrab via @MarvelSnapBugle

The leaked High Evolutionary card indicates that a new mechanic could be coming to Marvel Snap: secret abilities. @MarvelSnapBugle pointed out a handful of vanilla units that may have these secret abilities.

Second Dinner has confirmed all of the leaks above, as well as the secret abilities of the vanilla cards through the new video released for the upcoming May season themed around Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.


Screengrab via @MarvelSnapBugle

On Reveal: Afflict 2 random enemy cards here with 1-Power.

Misty Knight

Screengrab via @MarvelSnapBugle

When you end a turn with unspent Energy, give another friendly card +1 Power.


Screengrab via @MarvelSnapBugle

On Reveal: The leftmost card in your hand costs 1 less.


Screengrab via @MarvelSnapBugle

When you end a turn with unspent Energy, afflict 2 random enemies here with -1 Power.

The Thing

Screengrab via @MarvelSnapBugle

On Reveal: Afflict a random enemy card here with -1 Power. Repeat this twice more.


Screengrab via @MarvelSnapBugle

Costs 1 less for each enemy card in play that’s afflicted with negative Power.


Screengrab via @MarvelSnapBugle

Ongoing: +2 Power for each turn you ended with unspent Energy.

Other leaked cards

Additionally, @MarvelSnapBugle also leaked new and upcoming cards alongside High Evolutionary. Second Dinner confirmed all of these cards’ stats and abilities, and they will be released next month. Nebula is the season pass card.


Screengrab via @MarvelSnapBugle

Each turn, your opponent doesn’t play a card here, +2 Power. (except the turn you play this)

Howard the Duck

Screengrab via @MarvelSnapBugle

Ongoing: Tap this to see the top card of your deck.

Iron Lad

Screengrab via @MarvelSnapBugle

On Reveal: Copy the text of your deck’s top card.


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