Marvel Snap fans frustrated with anticipated card delay can’t stop posting a highly evolved duck

Is Howard the Duck a big bad now?

Screenshot via Second Dinner

Ever since High Evolutionary was leaked and officially revealed to be coming in Marvel Snap last month, players already anticipated the card as a potential game-changer and meta-defining unit. But all the anticipation became a frustration for most players since its scheduled release in the game did not take place late yesterday.

With its effect to unlock the secret abilities of the current vanilla cards in the game like Wasp, Cyclops, and Hulk, theory-crafted decks built around High Evolutionary began to emerge in the community. But these decks could still stay in theory because of the delay of the card’s release, extending Howard the Duck’s stay in the weekly spotlight section of the Token Shop.

“The fix for High Evolutionary is going to require a client patch,” Second Dinner senior marketing manager Molly Fender Ayala said. “Which unfortunately means, it’s going to take some time. We’ll continue to update everyone as we work towards the solution. Appreciate y’all! Sorry for the inconvenience.”

The delay of High Evolutionary’s release sparked backlash from the whole Marvel Snap community. One user on Reddit mentioned that it was “the one time we care about a new card,” and still got botched with its release. Another user, on the other hand, called the situation “not a good look,” especially for Second Dinner.

But one way Marvel Snap fans expressed their frustrations with the unsuccessful launch of High Evolutionary is the creation of Howard the Duck memes. A ton of hilarious and sarcastic posts about the current card in the weekly spotlight section were seen on the Reddit page dedicated to the game. This includes the post made by user dajabec.

Some other posts even included the face of Howard the Duck, like this Simpsons-inspired meme.

The legendary Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man meme also made an appearance in the Howard the Duck collection of meme posts.

Memes by multiple users flooded the Reddit page of Marvel Snap today. It is also safe to say that more memes featuring Howard the Duck could be posted in the next few days as long as High Evolutionary is still not debuting in the game. But Marvel Snap game designer Glenn Jones clarified that the delay of the card is because of some error in its coding.

“The issue here was related to an inaccuracy in the code governing card releases and not related to High Evolutionary’s functionality,” Jones said.

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