What is the Sunken Ship Key Letters Code in Super Mario RPG?

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Sunken Ship Code Super Mario RPG
Solving the Mystery | Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Sunken Ship is one of the more annoying levels in Super Mario RPG Remake due to its hidden Key Letters Code that you will need to find.

This code can be found by traveling around the Sunken Ship, entering lots of doors, and beating waves of enemies to find clues to all six letters. Of course, if you are strapped for time or want to cheat, you have come to the right place to skip all the extra steps.

What is the Sunken Ship Password Code in Super Mario RPG Remake?

PEARLS Code Super Mario RPG
PEARLS | Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Password to unlocking the door in the Sunken Ship is “PEARLS.”

You can input this code by clicking specific letters on the boxes labeled one through six. Starting with the first box, you choose P, the second is E, the third is A, the fourth is R, the fifth is L, and the sixth and last one is S.

After inputting these letters into each numbered box, you should head on over to the nearby pipe to confirm the password. So long as the message spells out PEARLS, the password will be confirmed, and you can finally move through the rest of the level and face the boss on the other side.

So be sure to have leveled up and stocked up on items before going further.


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