How to solve the Melody Bay Tadpole Song Puzzle in Super Mario RPG

Feel the Rhythm.

Tadpole Melody Bay Puzzle Super Mario RPG Remake
Get Funky | Screenshot by Dot Esports

A mysterious Tadpole puzzle awaits Super Mario RPG players at Melody Bay, with no clear way on how to solve it.

That is because, usually, you have to find and memorize the song lyrics around Tadpole Pond through notes and hints in order to know the combination of notes you need to play to complete the melody.

We, however, aren’t here for that, and would prefer to know the exact melody needed to complete the sub-quest so we can get on with our journey. So let us provide the answer for you.

Super Mario RPG: How to solve the Tadpole Pond Song Puzzle in Melody Bay

Painful Process | Screenshots by Dot Esports

First, forgive the weirdness of the screenshot. With how the game’s camera works I have combined two different screenshots together to take a picture of the whole Melody Bay puzzle as best I can.

As you can see above, you need to jump on the Tadpoles in order of one to eight on specific lines in the water. Doing so will complete the puzzle and give you the Alto Card, which can unlock specific things in the Tadpole Pond area.

Tadpole Pond Puzzle rewards in Super Mario RPG

Frog Coin Shop in Super Mario RPG
Frog Coin Shop | Screenshot by Dot Esports

After getting the Alto Card, you can head back to Tadpole Pond’s main area and just north of the area where you meet the Sage Frog for the first time will be two tadpoles that will sell you items once you present the Alto Card.

The main frog shop is on the left, and the Alto Card shop is on the right. Both sell different items that you can use in battle for Frog Coins and Regular Coins.


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