How to get through Kero Sewers in Super Mario RPG

Traverse the Sewers in style.

Entering Kero Sewers in Super Mario RPG
Kero Kero | Screenshot by Dot Esports

Kero Sewers is one of the first areas you visit in Super Mario RPG and is laid out in a way that’ll trap players who aren’t keeping their eyes open at all times.

The area has a bunch of green warp pipes that’ll take you to various areas across the map with only a fraction of them taking players in the direction of the exit. If you aren’t careful you can find yourself getting lost or going around in circles quite easily. So which direction do you actually need to go in?

How to traverse Kero Sewers in Super Mario RPG Remake

When you enter Kero Sewers for the first time, head left towards the most western pipe to begin your short journey.

When you enter this big central room you will come across an area with a body of water and a whole bunch of pipes. While the game will try to guide you downwards, instead head right and go over a narrow ledge that a lone enemy guards to be able to jump to a far out-of-reach pipe and enter it.

Green Pipe Switch Kero Sewers in Super Mario RPG
The Green Button | Screenshot by Dot Esports

In this room, you will come across a lot of Boo enemies and a Green button. Click the button and then re-enter the pipe you originally came into the room from.

After clearing the water, you’ll be able to find a pipe in the central room that was originally unreachable under the water. This is the last but one pipe you will need to enter to finally get out of these pesky sewers.

Final Exit Kero Sewers in Super Mario RPG
Final Pipe | Screenshot by Dot Esports

In this area, simply head around trying not to fall down the gap and past the save point to find the final pipe of the area. This will take you to a boss, so be sure to save beforehand and level up before dropping down.


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