How to get the Pipe Vault Frog Coin in Super Mario RPG

Sliding Away

Frog Coin Pipe Vault Super Mario RPG
Slip and Slide | Screenshot by Dot Esports

When venturing through Pipe Vault in Super Mario RPG Remake, you, like many others before you, will come across the most pesky of Frog Coins.

It is just sitting there under a legend… menacingly. With no way of being able to get it. It feels trapped like it was intentionally put there just to upset you. But there is a way to get it.

How to reach the Frog Coin in Pipe Vault in Super Mario RPG Remake

Getting Pipe Vault Frog Coin Super Mario RPG
Slide to Victory | Screenshot by Dot Esports

At first glance getting the Frog Coin in the deepest parts of Pipe Vault seems impossible.

You can walk up to the ledge and not be able to reach it and it might feel like it is just there to tease you. Even I struggled for a bit on how to get it when I played the original SNES version decades ago but the same method holds true in the remake.

To get the coin, you simply need to make a run towards it, and as soon as you get close, press Right on the D-Pad, this will cause Mario to slip and go under the ledge to get the coin.

Don’t forget to also pick up the two hidden chests above where the Frog Coin is beforehand to get all the secrets in this area. If you go about getting the Frog Coin before the chests, then you will need to drop back into the pipe to get them as there is no way to go back to the previous section of the area once you slide under the ledge.


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