Spectator mode to be included in Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.14

While it’s an initial roll out, players may finally watch their friends play unranked games.

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra’s upcoming Patch 1.14 is finally bringing a highly requested feature: spectator mode.

Paramount to the social aspect of any card game, the ability to watch your friends play and chat with them adds to the fun of the game. While spectating in LoR, you’ll still get the important features as if you were playing the game yourself, like the all-knowing Oracle’s Eye, clickable card details, and the ability to pet their Guardian. 

While this vital feature will be added to the game, it’s still an initial implementation. The main reason for this distinction is because Riot didn’t add a way to disable or kick spectators from your current game—and the devs are stamping out any bugs that may pop up. For the sake of competitive integrity, Riot has limited the games you’re allowed to witness to player-vs-player normal games, player-vs-AI, Expeditions, and Friend Challenges.

It’s expected that the ability to spectate other modes, like ranked or tournament matches, will appear at a later date. In addition, other features, like the ability to witness both hands at the same time if you’re friends with both players in the game, could be added in the future since this would help smaller tournament scenes.

LoR’s spectator mode will be released when Patch 1.14 drops tomorrow, Nov. 11.