Riot updates single-player experience gains in Legends of Runeterra

Playing against the AI will now be more rewarding than the initial hotfix.

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra’s most recent patch, 2.1.0, added an entirely new single-player experience within its Lab Mode.

In the 13th experiment, Lab of Legends, players face off against multiple AI opponents increasing in power over time in classic rogue-like fashion. But in an undocumented change that happened a day after the Patch 2.1.0 release, players within the community noticed experience gains were nerfed compared to playing single-player content in the past.

Much to the dismay of many players who enjoyed the ability to experience the game in a non-PVP environment, Riot made a second update that balanced out the initial changes to be more fair. Riot Exis, Engineering Lead of LoR and head of the Labs team, detailed these new changes on Twitter that allow players to see regular experience gains again.

Now whenever you play Lab of Legends, players will gain 200 experience for their first 18 wins within the day, which is equal to two successful Lab of Legends runs, with every victory after the initial 18 for the day will only granting 50 experience. In addition to these updated gains, players are now able to complete their “First Wins of the Day” bonus within this experiment once again.

Players have until Feb. 24 to try out Lab of Legends and claim their eight icons before it has a chance of rotating out.