Prime Gaming offers Legends of Runeterra players free epic Wildcard

Claim yours now.

Image via Riot Games

Prime Gaming often provides members with a variety of different in-game items or cosmetics for a variety of popular titles, and it looks like Legends of Runeterra players are in for a great 2021.

Prime Gaming is handing out one epic wildcard to members each month until the end of the year. Epic wildcards can be used in-game to unlock any Epic-tier card available in the game. This can be extremely helpful in earning cards to build a specific deck or optimizing your current deck.

To get this reward, you must be a current member of Prime Gaming and have your profile linked to your Legends of Runeterra account. From there, navigate to the Legends of Runeterra rewards page and claim your loot.

The rebrand to Prime Gaming from Twitch Prime in 2020 saw the service begin to offer members more each month with their subscription. Currently, members still get monthly in-game items they have always received, however, they now also get access to five free full games each month.

Outside of this, one of the most popular reasons users have signed up to Prime Gaming is for the free Twitch subscription they receive each month to use on any streamer of their choice.