Legends of Runeterra updates its prologue for newer players in Patch 2.11.0

The game has been out for a year now, so a change to its introduction will be helpful to newcomers.

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Legends of Runeterra’s Patch 2.11.0 is coming tomorrow, June 30, adding the Rise of the Underworld expansion and the most balance changes in a single update. Even though this is an exciting time for longtime fans of LoR, Riot is changing up the introductory prologue for newer players.

The latest update is bringing a large change to the prologue that happens during the initial phase where you’ll play the four tutorial games before unlocking the region reward system. Riot said the catalyst for this change is that a lot has happened for LoR since its official launch last year, with new modes and a wealth of mechanics joining the fray.

There are three goals for this change, including having players unlock modes step by step. Since LoR has introduced more ways to play its game, Riot doesn’t want its players to stumble into a vastly different experience of Ultra Rapid Draw as their second game played.

While it may sound daunting for new players trying to unlock new ways to play the game, Riot said it will still be a “quick journey to unlock everything”. 

Another aspect the prologue update looks to optimize is the pace of progress. There are new introduction quests that will award players XP if they win or lose, which will allow every new player to make fair progress and keep a good pace toward their next prize.

Since LoR has prided itself on being free-to-play friendly, the prologue update looks to reinforce that idea with more deck rewards. The game has more cards now when compared to what it had at launch, so Riot added four more complete decks as rewards into the prologue and fewer random card capsules. This increases the total of free starter decks players will end up with after completing the prologue to seven.

In addition, a discounted “A Watery Grave” pre-constructed deck is available in the Store, designed for new players who want to explore more options.

Current players will also find themselves receiving the decks in their Loot inbox if they don’t have the cards in their collection yet. If players do already own three copies of each card, then they’ll still get the decklists in their deck collection as long as there’s space for them within the 50 deck limit.

New players who have already started the game may be curious where they’ll stand after this patch. But current players who have already completed at least step two of the prior prologue will have every mode unlocked, so they won’t experience this prologue update.

If you’re new to the game, now is a great time to try everything in LoR. Rise of the Underworld will drop with Patch 2.11.0 tomorrow, June 30.


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