LoR reveals Magic Misadventure support cards for next champion spoiler

Recall synergies within Ionia are getting a few upgrades.

Image via Riot Games

A total of seven Legends of Runeterra cards for the upcoming Magic Misadventure set were spoiled today by Riot Games, showcasing Recall synergy.

Scheduled to release on Dec. 8, spoilers from the Magic Misadventure expansion that were revealed today highlighted synergies for the possible upcoming reveal of Ahri. All of the new cards that were revealed today are within the Ionia region. There were a total of three creatures, one landmark, and two spells (with one created creature). 

God-Willow Seedling is a three-drop landmark within the Ionia region that has Recall synergy and descent value upon getting played. The landmark creates an Ephemeral copy of the unit getting targeted with Recall upon entering the battlefield and summons another Ephemeral copy of that card after a countdown of two. 

Other recall synergy units revealed today were The Mourned and Pathless Ancient, with The Mourned showing potential as a one-drop Elusive that gets recalled upon a Nexus strike. And a new “stop” spell called Memory’s Cloak is a three-drop Fast spell with an ability similar to that of the LoR champion Fizz. 

The Burst spell Nine Lives was possibly the best Magic Misadventure spoiler revealed today. It’s a five-drop that summons a Liminal Guardian, a 3/2 that summons a random one-cost follower from your regions upon being summoned. The summoned Ionia unit also has Recall synergy in that when it is Recalled, Liminal Guardian transforms back into the spell Nine Lives. 

Players can test out the new LoR Magic Misadventure cards with the official release of the expansion on Dec. 8.