Login and inventory errors disrupt Legends of Runeterra CoM launch

The wait to play just got a little longer.

Legends of Runeterra Targon Region
Image via Riot Games

Launch day for Call of the Mountain has finally arrived in Legends of Runeterra, but overloaded servers are causing login and inventory issues.

Releasing today at 1pm CT, the LoR servers were immediately flooded with a large number of players anxious to experiment with all the new CoM cards. Some players found themselves unable to login, while others were unable to purchase items from the store. The LoR team is aware of the issues, according to communication lead Dillion Buckner, and is working on a fix at time of writing. 

For players having trouble logging in, a “Sevice Error” message will likely appear.

“Something went wrong contacting the server,” the message reads. “Please check internet connection and try again. You may contact Player Support and provide the error code 050100 to see if any potential solutions exist.”

This is a standard error message and the issue is most likely not your internet connection. Some players are being placed in a queue to gain access, likely slowing traffic on the servers down. But even after waiting in the queue, it’s possible to still not gain access to the game. 

Players who gained access likely won’t be able to purchase items like cards from the LoR store at this time. And there’s even some disruption with the Lab queue for those who want to test out the six new Targon preconstructed decks. 

Updates to the LoR 050100 error and inventory issues are on the way. Dot Esports will provide those updates when they become available.

Update Aug. 26 2:07pm CT: The new patch didn’t properly load to mobile today and a fix is taking place that could take up to several hours. NA players experiencing login and inventory errors via PC and mobile should see the issues get resolved in about an hour, according to Buckner.