Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.10: Full notes and updates

Bench the same old decks and try something new.

Bard level one

Over 40 individual Legends of Runeterra cards were hit with balance changes in Patch 3.10, along with several keyword and text adjustments that improve consistent gameplay. 

Scheduled to hit live servers on June 28, LoR Patch 3.10 is a monster of an update. Numerous nerfs and buffs were applied to champions and followers, Path of Champions received several significant updates, and a large number of new skins were added. But most importantly, players now have a “Skip” button that has been added to the LoR Weekly Vault. 

Here are the full Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.10 notes, according to Riot.

Patch 3.10 LoR system changes

Image via Riot Games

As a follow-up to previous LoR Play/Cast changes, the balance team has altered the system so that copies of spells will activate targeting level-up conditions on champions like Ezreal and Taric. Copied spells can come from LoR champions like Karma, Taric, and Jayce. And copied spells will also now count toward Lux and her Beams. 

In addition to the Play/Cast adjustments, champions and followers who gain random keywords will no longer receive Scout, as it has been removed as a generatable keyword. 

Patch 3.10 LoR champion balance changes

Image via Riot Games

Shen is one of the least played champions in all of LoR, according to Riot. And many of the champions getting buffs in Patch 3.10 are also sitting on the fringes of being playable. A buff to Shen gave the Ionian champion the keyword Barrier while increasing his level-up condition by one. 

Ashe is playable once again, now that units with zero power prior to any reductions of power will count toward her level-up. Hecarim was given a significant buff while Irelia had the keyword Attune added. And Ezreal decks now have to target eight or more to level up the P&Z champion. 

  • Ashe level one: Ashe’s level up condition will now count a power reduction on unts that already have a power of zero.
  • Bard level one: Units that buff their own stats will now count towards Bard’s level up condition.
  • Ezreal level one: Level-up condition increased from six to eight or more targets.
  • Hecarim level two: Text changed from “Ephemeral allies have +3/+0″ to ” When I level up, grant Ephemeral allies everywhere +3/+0.” Hecarim will still summon two attacking Spectral Riders when he attacks. 
  • Irelia levels one and two: Keywords on Irelia have changed from Quick Attack to Quick Attack and Attune. 
  • Kalista level one: Base stats adjusted from 4/3 to 3/4.
  • Shen levels one and two: Keyword Barrier added 
  • Shen level one: Text changed from “I’ve seen allies gain Barrier for or more times” to “I’ve seen allies gain Barrier five or more times.”

Patch 3.10 follower balance changes

Image via Riot Games

Over two dozen LoR followers were hit with either nerfs or buffs in Patch 3.10. Many of the buffs came via base stat buffs, along with some text and keyword changes. Legion Deserter took a hard hit with a keyword change and Riptide Rex now launches more Cannon Barrages. 

  • Avatar of the Tides: Base stats buffed from 4/5 to 4/6.
  • Avarosan Hearthguard: Base stats buffed from 5/5 to 5/6.
  • Babbling Bjerg: Base stats buffed from 3/3 to 3/4.
  • Blighted Caretaker: Base stats buffed from 1/1 to 2/1.
  • Brightsteel Protector: Base stats nerfed from 3/2 to 2/1.
  • Camavoran Dragon: Base stats buffed from 4/3 to 4/4.
  • Chief Nakotak: Base stats adjusted from 3/3 to 2/4.
  • Chief Nakotak: Text buffed from “When an ally transforms, fully heal it and grant it +1/+1” to “When an ally transforms, fully heal it, grant it +1/+1, and Impact.”
  • Ember Monk: Cost reduced from four to three.
  • Ember Monk: Base stats nerfed from 3/3 to 2/3.
  • Ferros Financier: Base stats nerfed from 2/2 to 2/1.
  • Gleaming Latern: Base stats nerfed from 3/3 to 3/2
  • Hothead: Base tats adjusted from 4/2 to 3/3.
  • Inspiring Marshal: base stats buffed from 4/5 to 5/6.
  • Justice Rider: Base stats buffed 3/4 to 3/5.
  • Khahiri the Returned: Cost reduced from six to five.
  • Khahiri the Returned: Base stats nerfed from 4/4 to 3/3.
  • The Lady of Blood: Base stats buffed from 2/4 to 3/4.
  • Lava Lizard: Keyword Impact added.
  • Legion Deserter: Keyword Overwhelm changed to Fearsome.
  • Murkwolf Shaman: Bast stats adjusted from 3/3 to 2/4.
  • Murkwolf Ranger: Base stats nerfed from 5/6 to 4/6.
  • Petricite Broadwing: Keyword Challenger removed
  • Petricite Broadwing: Text effect added that states “When you summon an ally, grant me Challenger.”
  • Resplendent Stellacorn: Base stats buffed from 4/5 to 5/6.
  • Riptide Rex: Base stats buffed from 6/4 to 7/5.
  • Riptide Rex: Text effect buffed from “Plunder—Play Cannon Barrage six times on randomly-targeted enemies” to “Plunder—Player Cannon Barrage seven times on randomly-targeted enemies.”
  • Squeaker: Base stats buffed from 1/1 to 1/2.
  • The Arsenal: Base stats buffed from 8/6 to 9/7.
  • The Prefect: Base stats buffed from 1/3 to 2/3.
  • Trifarian Assessor: Cost reduced from five to four.
  • Vanguard Firstblade: Base stats buffed from 2/2 to 3/3.
  • Windfarer Hatchling: Base stats buffed from 4/2 to 4/3.

Patch 3.10 spell balance changes

Image via Riot Games

Several important nerfs are taking place in the LoR Patch 3.10 to spells. Quicksand reduction stats were reduced while Disintegrate will no longer terminate units that have damage mitigation. Zenith Blade is no longer a permanent Overwhelm buff and Sands of Time will now only produce a fleeting Instant Century as opposed to placing one in hand. 

  • Aftershock: Cost reduced from four to three.
  • Aftershock: Text nerfed from “Deal three to anything or destroy a Landmark” to “Deal three to a Follower or destroy and Landmark.”
  • Crumble: Cost reduced from five to four.
  • Disintegrate: Damage mitigation will now prevent units from dying via Disintegrates effect.
  • Promising Future: Cost nerfed from four to six.
  • Quicksand: Text nerfed from “When targeting two units, give them -2/-0 and disable positive keywords this round” to “When targeting two units, give them -1/-0 and disable their positive keywords this round.”
  • Sands of Time: Instant Century is now Fleeting. The Burst spell will still give enemies -2/-0 this round.
  • Yordle Contraption: Cost reduced from five to four.
  • Zenith Blade: Text nerfed from granting Overwhelm to giving Overwhelm this round. 

Patch 3.10 skins and personalizations

Tabletop Tavern board

The art team continues to step up content with a total of six new alternative art champions skins within Patch 3.10. Three of the six skins contain a level-up animation. And two have a VFX. A new game board called Tabletop Tavern is getting added and has the potential to become the best board to date. And two new emotes featuring Zilean and Bard were added. All skins, board art, and emotes can be found here. 

Path of Champions Patch 3.10 updates

Image via Riot Games

Several improvements to the Path of Champions mode will take place via Patch 3.10. The team has added Wild Fragments to the mode that can get used in place of Champion Fragments to unlock or Star Up any champion within the PoC mode. Wild Fragments will also show up in some Weekly and Daily Quests. And players can now spend Coins to unlock champions instead of relying upon Champion or Wild Fragments.

  • Upon earning Champion Fragments for a champion that exceeds the amount to three-star that champion, players will earn Wild Fragments.
  • Players who have existing excess Champion Fragments will retroactively receive Wild Fragments.
  • Players who earn a duplicate Relic that isn’t useful will get Wild Fragments now instead and will get retroactively applied to all existing players as well.

Patch 3.10 LoR bug fixes

Image via Riot Games
  • Issues causing match crashes have been resolved
  • Khahiri the Returned will no longer crash a match when summoned from Chronobreak
  • Audio-related crashes have been resolved
  • Entering a match in Path of Champions will no longer cause the game to stop loading
  • The Challenger VFX for Thresh will only play when the champion is challenging an enemy
  • Tibber’s Pyroclastic Arrival will deal damage as intended
  • Issues preventing Bard from leveling up have been resolved
  • Spells that start a free attack will now function properly
  • Jhin’s Dancing Grenade will no longer bounce
  • Emote panels will now open as intended
  • Claws of the Dragon issues have been resolved
  • Visual issues causing the Nexus and cards to get misplaced have been resolved
  • A number of VFX issues causing incorrect playback were resolved