Legends of Runeterra Patch 3.1: Full notes and updates

The LoR team prepares for the next expansion.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games has dropped a Legends of Runeterra update leading up to the Magic Misadventures Seasonal tournaments, addressing a bug that messed with the tournament round timer and a handful of other issues.

No nerfs or buffs were applied to cards within the LoR Patch 3.1 update. But new cards are slated to arrive via Patch 3.2, scheduled to take place on Feb. 16. Patch 3.1 addressed several bugs that have been causing problems, with the LoR team working on balance changes “based on performance data and feedback” for the upcoming patch. 

Relevant to the Magic Misadventure Seasonal tournament that begins with the open rounds on Feb. 5, the LoR team resolved a tournament round timer bug that was causing time to roll back upon a lethal attack in some situations. It’s a major bug fix, providing competitive integrity for the Seasonal tournament. A handful of other issues were also addressed, from game crashes to visual effects.  

  • Lethal attacks will no longer roll back time on the tournament clock 
  • Silenced units that have Mark of the Storm will no longer cause a crash
  • Issues with Japanese text font have been resolved
  • Several issues relating to filters within the card collection window have been resolved
  • Casting Dragon’s Rage on a unit with Spellsheild will now resolve by popping the Spellshield, instead of hitting the Nexus. 

A small patch was also uploaded prior to LoR Patch 3.1, addressing three minor bug fixes. 

  • Prismatic cards displaying incorrectly has been resolved
  • FX for Maokai’s Sapling will display correctly on low to medium quality settings
  • Opponents will no longer see the Temple of the Sun board shake due to its visual effects and the shaking frequency has been reduced

The next LoR patch is scheduled for Feb. 16, introducing a new expansion, along with balance changes addressing the 3.0 meta.