Legends of Runeterra Patch 2.8.0 adds skins for champion cards and Mega Guardians

There will be two different tiers for the new cosmetic, and four champions will be getting LoR-exclusive skins.

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra’s next update, Patch 2.8.0, officially drops tomorrow. The next patch is adding a month-long event, Dark Horizon, and new cosmetics to LoR in the form of champion skins and Mega Guardians.

In an exciting twist, the skins arriving in LoR follow the Dark Star and Cosmic skin lines in League of Legends but are on champions that have never received looks for either thematic in the original game. Riven, Shyvana, Yasuo, and Zed are obtaining LoR-exclusive skins.

Similar to League, champion skins are purely aesthetic and have no bearing on gameplay. There are different tiers to which they can change appearance. Within one group of skins, they simply change the card art, like with Cosmic Exile Riven and Dark Star Shyvana.

The other tier of skins will provide new level-up animations in addition to altered card illustrations. This tier will launch with Cosmic Zephyr Yasuo and Dark Star Zed. Aside from altered animations, cards like Zed, which spawns extra units like his Living Shadows, will also receive changes in this tier.

LoR’s Guardian Companion cosmetic buddies are also receiving a new tier in the form of a Mega Guardian, which is tied to the Dark Emissary’s Realm Board. While it’s unknown and unlikely if The Dark Emissary can be used outside its specific board, it has unique interactive elements, special visual effects, and music on its exclusive board.

Image via Riot Games

Players interested in the champion skins and Mega Guardian can purchase them when LoR’s Patch 2.8.0 releases tomorrow, May 19.