Legends of Runeterra Patch 1.15 brings a new lab, Recursive Heroes 101

Fans of the Commander format will enjoy this one.

Image via Riot Games

Each new Legends of Runeterra patch brings an exciting new experiment to the game’s casual environment—and Patch 1.15 looks to augment the mode in an interesting way.

The newest lab is Recursive Heroes 101. Fans of Magic: The Gathering’s Commander format may find some interesting similarities with the experiment.

The rules for this format see you build a Singleton deck that can only have one champion in it. After that, the rules of the game change to the following:

  • Your champion always starts in your hand.
  • When your champion is killed, it becomes imprisoned in a Landmark that spawns in its place.
  • A Jailer will spawn on your opponent’s side of the board as your champion is imprisoned. Kill your opponent’s Jailer to revive your champ next round.
  • This means that build-around champions like Fiora or Teemo will be powerful in this format since you’ll be guaranteed to have them in your hand. In addition, if they perish early on, they can be reclaimed since they’ll be stuck in a landmark, waiting to be revived.

While the Jailer’s stats are unknown, it should be assumed that it’ll be frail enough for players to defeat it so they can get their champion again.

As with other deckbuilding experiments, players may use one of Riot’s four premade decks or make their own. The four premade decks that Riot created this time are based around Jinx, Shyvana, Trundle, or Gangplank.

Recursive Heroes 101 releases when LoR Patch 1.15 drops tomorrow, Nov. 24.