Legends of Runeterra Lab Mode and first event coming in Patch 1.5 and 1.6

Legends of Runeterra’s next major game mode and first big event’s details have been revealed.

Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra introduced some big features today, including its next major game mode coming after Gauntlets, Labs, in Patch 1.5 and its first event in Patch 1.6 and 1.7. 

Labs allow players to tap into their creative side to find whimsical experiments and augmentations, and even some chaos in this mode that’s geared more toward the casual side. Each patch after 1.5 will include new or updated Labs to replace previous entries. Riot Games can experiment with Labs and make smaller changes to LoR’s formula, while some may make extreme alterations, creating new game modes or even crazier overhauls to the fundamentals of the game.

The first augmentation coming to Labs is titled A.R.A.M., which is scheduled to release with Patch 1.5 on July 8. This Lab will have unexpected champion pairings and unpredictable gameplay. Instead of the usual deck-building constrictions, players will be making choices from an assortment of randomly-selected champions when each game begins. The champions that players decide to recruit will start in their hands and then they’ll have a random deck crafted for them against an opponent getting equal treatment.

Riot also announced a few more details for the previously-mentioned events that are coming to LoR in July. The first event for LoR will be a month-long thematic experience featuring a new Lab, special quests, personalized items, and more. While the exact theme hasn’t been revealed yet, a special preview will be coming before the event officially launches with Patch 1.6.

Players who participate in the event will be rewarded with limited-time items that can be unlocked for free just by playing the game. The event will also bring an Event Pass that players can purchase in the store, adding extra rewards for players to unlock by playing. The event will continue until the end of Patch 1.7, which will also usher in a new Lab and a twist on the Singleton Gauntlet format.

Other qualify of life features were announced today, including cross-shared friend challenges coming in Patch 1.6. This will ease cross-region play, facilitating a global competitive ecosystem. The other major improvement coming in Patch 1.7 is that players can finally choose which card art represents each deck-box in the deckbuilder.

Labs are coming to LoR on July 8 in Patch 1.5, while events will join the game in Patch 1.6.