Legends of Runeterra Friend Challenge will grant more XP in upcoming Patch 0.9.1

But it'll still cap wins to prevent win trading.

Legends of Runeterra Heart of Fluff Poro
Image via Riot Games

It seems like dueling a friend in Legends of Runeterra may be worthwhile again.

LoR devs adjusted the amount of XP that a Friend Challenge grants in Patch 0.9.0 in hopes that it would deter win trading. But after some players complained that being forced to play strangers instead of friends is “punishing,” Riot went back to the drawing board. LoR design director Andrew “Umbrage” Yip addressed the issue on Twitter today.

“We’re going to fix this in a couple steps,” Umbrage said. “Short term (next patch, 0.9.1) we’ll increase friend challenge XP for both wins and losses, but keep the cap on games so players don’t feel compelled to trade again.”

By increasing the amount of Friend Challenge XP for wins, players who genuinely want to play against their buddies will still reap the rewards. But those interested in win trading to maximize XP will be capped at five wins. More solutions and changes to the system will be introduced in later patches.

The Patch 0.9.0 changes to the dueling system completely removed XP earned from losses and ties and capped win XP at 100. But after five wins, players no longer earn XP at all. And Friend Challenge matches don’t count toward daily PvP wins or the first win of the day bonus.

LoR Patch 0.9.1 should go live within the next two weeks.