Legends of Runeterra changes to vault day coming in Patch 1.5

The major change is when the Vault opens up now.

Legends of Runeterra Black Market Merchant
Image via Riot Games

Riot Games released the Patch 1.3 notes for Legends of Runeterra today. There are a ton of noteworthy changes coming to ranked and expeditions, as well as card clarity updates and bug fixes. But there’s also a change happening to when your weekly vaults open when Patch 1.5 arrives, which is coming in four weeks.

Weekly vault rewards are a pivotal part to improving the collection growth of any player by granting massive rewards every Tuesday. While the formula of how many cards and currencies you obtain isn’t ultimately changing, the time of the week when it opens is being adjusted.

Instead of its usual opening time during Tuesday mornings depending on your region’s timezone, your weekly vaults will now open on Thursday mornings (once again depending on your region’s shard local time).

During this period of transition after Patch 1.5 drops, players will be given two extra days to muster more rewards by raising their vault level. This should net players more cards and rewards overall during that short time.

LoR Patch 1.3 is coming June 10 at 12pm CT. Players can expect to see this change to vault day openings on July 8, which is approximately when Patch 1.5 is set to drop.