How to watch Legends of Runeterra charity Draft Clash

Support LoR streamers and help raise money for sick kids.

Image via Riot Games

Top Legends of Runeterra streamers and tournament players are raising money for Gamers Outreach via the Runeterra Life streamers Draft Clash charity competition. 

A total of 12 LoR veteran streamers and competitive tournament players are participating in a charity event hosted by Runeterral Life to raise money for sick children in a partnership with Gamers Outreach and Riot Games. Each of the participants is raising money on their individual streams from Feb. 21 to Feb. 25.

Total money raised by each streamer determines the Draft order for picking champions on Feb. 26 and the 12 LoR competitors will battle it out in a Draft Clash tournament on Feb. 27. Both the streamers and their communities will get rewarded by their individual campaigns, with Riot providing champion skins, card backs, Coins, a game board, and more upon hitting charity goals.

All donations go toward Gamers Outreach, an organization that provides sick children in hospitals the chance to escape hospital life for a moment and enjoy community time over video games. Those in the LoR community can donate to the individual streamers on Twitch. The Draft and tournament will be broadcast on the Runeterra Life Twitch channel.

Here are the 12 LoR streamers competing in the Draft Clash charity event, with links to their individual Twitch channels. 

Following the charity run from Feb. 21 to Feb. 25, streamers will draft a total of six LoR champions in a snake order (order is reversed each round). Upon choosing their champions, each of the 12 will craft three decks around their selected champions. Matches are best-of-three in a group stage structure using Riot tournament rules. 

Fundraising for the LoR Draft Clash charity event ends on Feb. 25. Drafting will take place on Feb. 26 at 11am CT and the tournament starts at 11am CT on Feb. 27 on the Runeterra Life Twitch channel